Facebook Business Manager for Beginners: A Quick Start Guide

If you’re looking to use Facebook to promote your business, then you’ll be pleased to know that Facebook has made it easier than ever to manage your pages, ads, and business information, all in one place. This platform is called Facebook Business Manager, and, in this article, we will provide you with a quick-start guide on how to use it.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a free tool provided by Facebook to help businesses manage their Facebook pages and ad accounts, making it easier to manage multiple pages and accounts from a single platform. It’s a great tool for businesses that have multiple employees that need access to their Facebook accounts for management purposes.Facebook Business Manager has several features that make managing your business pages and ads easier, including:

1. Multiple Ad Accounts

With Facebook Business Manager, you can create and manage multiple ad accounts, each with unique targeting options and campaigns. This is extremely useful if you’re running several different types of campaigns with varying goals.

2. Customized Roles

You can customize the level of access that employees have to your business pages and ad accounts. This is helpful if you need to grant access to an employee who needs to help manage your Facebook page but doesn’t need to see sensitive information.

3. Ability to Manage Multiple Pages

You can manage multiple pages from one platform using Facebook Business Manager. This allows businesses to separate their brand pages from their personal pages, which is particularly helpful if you’re running multiple businesses or have multiple pages for different products or services.

4. Customer Service Integration

Facebook Business Manager also has customer service integration, giving businesses the ability to work more efficiently with Facebook’s support team to resolve issues and provide assistance.

5. Analytics

Analytics are also available in Facebook Business Manager, which makes it easy to monitor the performance of your pages and ads. You can track engagement levels and see how effective your campaigns are in real-time.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Setting up your Facebook Business Manager account is relatively easy. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to Business Manager

Navigate to business.facebook.com on your web browser to access Facebook Business Manager.

Step 2: Log In

Log in to your Facebook account if you’re not already logged in. You will need to have admin access to your Facebook page to create a Facebook Business Manager account.

Step 3: Create a New Business Manager Account

Click on the “Create Account” button on the Business Manager homepage. You will then be prompted to fill out details, such as business name, email, and other relevant information.

Step 4: Add Your Facebook Page

You can add your Facebook page by clicking on the “Add Page” button. You will then be prompted to enter your Facebook page’s name or URL.

Step 5: Add Your Ad Account

If you have an existing ad account, you can enter your account ID in the “Add Ad Account” section. Otherwise, you can create a new ad account by clicking the “Create Ad Account” button.

Understanding Facebook Business Manager Dashboard

Now that you’ve set up your Facebook Business Manager account, let’s take a quick look at its dashboard and various features that you can use for managing your pages and ads:

1. Business Settings

The Business Settings is where you manage your business information, such as your business name, address, phone number, and other relevant details.

2. People

In the “People” section, you can grant access to employees you want to work on your Facebook page, ad account, or other assets.

3. Pages

The “Pages” section allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages from a single dashboard. You can monitor each page’s performance and create new pages if needed.

4. Ad Accounts

The “Ad Accounts” section includes all your ad accounts and their information, such as billing and payment information.

5. Pixels

The “Pixels” section lets you create and manage your Facebook pixel, which is a tool that helps track conversion and measure the effectiveness of your ads and pages.

Creating and Managing a Facebook Ad in Business Manager

Once you have set up your account and accessed the dashboard, you can create and manage ads from Facebook Business Manager in just a few steps:

Step 1: Create a New Campaign

Click on the “Create” button in Ads Manager, select the campaign objective, and enter the necessary details.

Step 2: Set Up Your Ad Set

In the ad set section, you can specify the target audience, ad placements, budget, and schedule.

Step 3: Create Your Ad

In the ad section, you can choose the format for your ad (image, video, carousel), customize your ad’s text and creative, and preview your ad before publishing.

Common Facebook Business Manager Issues and Solutions

As with any platform, Facebook Business Manager can sometimes run into issues. Here are some common issues that businesses may face and how to resolve them:

1. Access Issues

If you’re experiencing issues with accessing your Facebook page, ad account, or other assets, check that the appropriate people have been added in the “People” section.

2. Payment Issues

If you’re experiencing issues with your billing or payment information, make sure that your billing information is correct and that there are no issues with your account.

3. Technical Issues

If you’re experiencing technical issues, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, and check that your browser is updated to the latest version.


Facebook Business Manager is an essential tool for businesses using Facebook to manage their pages, ads, and business information. With customizable roles, the ability to manage multiple pages and ad accounts from one platform, and customer service integration, Facebook Business Manager is a useful tool for optimizing your Facebook marketing efforts.

If you’re just starting, now is the time to set up your Facebook Business Manager account and get started on your Facebook marketing journey.

Thank you for reading, and we wish you the best of luck with your Facebook marketing efforts!