How To Explore Inazuma In Genshin Impact – New Region

How To Explore Inazuma In Genshin Impact – New Region – The question of how to get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact has caught the attention of travelers around the world, and for good reason. Now that update 2.0 has been released, a new world has opened up that promises all sorts of new adventures and adventures and stuff. Therefore, people definitely want to know how to travel to Inazuma. Well, that’s what we’re going to show you in this How to Get Inazuma Genshin Effects guide.

To get to the Inazuma area in Genshin Impact, you must first download the latest patch, Update 2.0. I assume you have already completed this step. When you start the game again, go to your search menu and find “Unshakeable God of Eternal Euthymia” under Archon Quests, select “Set Sail” and press Navigate on the bottom right. This stage of the quest takes you to Liyue Port, where you will need to speak with Katheryne, the host of the Adventure’s Guild inside. Just follow the markers on the map; it will take you directly to it. After a short conversation with him and the pirates, you will unlock the next stage.

How To Explore Inazuma In Genshin Impact – New Region

Your next objective is to head east, to the Sea of ​​Clouds. In particular, you need to find a group of islands that are there, where you need to use the teleport method. Also just follow the desired symbol. You will see a large ship waiting on the shore. To get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact, you need to board a ship, but be careful not to run out of energy before you get there. We did it by jumping as much as we could and swimming the rest. Then we jumped on one of the oars and got into the boat.

Genshin Impact: Inazuma Electroculus Locations Guide

Once you enter Alcor, you must find Captain Bedou. This is easy, as again you have to follow the mission mark. When you approach the boss, you’ll have a short conversation with him, after which a cutscene will play. Next thing you know, Alcor stops in Inazuma, and your journey continues. Inazuma is one of the seven tribes of Teyvat. It was the third main area released in Genshin Impact as part of the 2.0 update on July 21, 2021. In this Inazuma guide, you will find all the information you need about the special features of the Inazuma area, main areas, characters and much more.

Inazuma is the third Teyvat tribe that is only available to Genshin Impact players after Liyue’s story is completed. Before this, the area was surrounded by heavy storms, while its remoteness made it inaccessible by land.

This page contains an overview of the area, an introduction to the main areas and characters, the area’s enemies and special items, and a list of all the important areas in the area.

Inazuma’s des is inspired by Japan and worships Raiden Shogun, the Electro Archon. The nation remained closed to foreigners for a year prior to the events of the game due to Sakoku’s graduation.

Get To Inazuma Quickly In Genshin Impact

To explore Inazuma, you must exit Ritou Port by getting past the guards surrounding the area. But going back or going around Ritou Port on foot around the area after this will alert them and send you inside the walls. To explore Ritou freely, you must complete Ritou’s Escape Plan quest list.

With the idea of ​​hunting down the word with all his might, he wants to eliminate the vision of those living in Inazuma, much of the area is now under civil war between those who support Raiden Shogun’s efforts and those who are against. working under Sanganomiya Kokomi. Sanganomiya Shrine.

Inazuma is divided into six islands named Narukami, Kannzaku, Yashiori, Watatsumi, Seraii and Tsurumi.

Narukami Island is the first island you visit and the hub of Inazuma. This is where you enter the Ritou port area and find the capital of the region, Inazuma City. Kamisato Estate, the home of the Kamisato clan and a place where you can collect merit, prayers and gifts, and the main Narukami Shrine where Saint Sakura resides on the island.

Genshin Impact 2.0 Update Info Reveal

The discovery of Yashiori Island, Seraii Island, and Tsurumi Island is difficult to explore due to the presence of lightning and fog that surrounds these areas and hinders exploration. By completing global questionnaires, these barriers can be removed to facilitate research.

Kujou Camp is located in Kannazaku, while Sanganomiya Shrine is located on Watatsumi Island. Maguu Kenki can be found on Yashiori Island, the Thunder Manifestation boss fight can be found on Seraii Island’s Lightning Plains, and Golden Wolf can be found on Tsurumi Island.

Inazuma is controlled by Electro Archon, Raiden Shogun. While he continues to rule his people in Inazuma, he does not communicate with them directly, instead he is sent world events through various commissions that manage the day-to-day operations of the area. A year before the events of the game, due to the influence of the Tenryou and Kanjou Commission, the Shogun enforces the Sakoku Edict, banning Inazuma from all of Teyvat, and the Hunting Compass, banning the use of Vision within Inazuma. . and calls for the solicitation of opinions from all residents. From this point on, no new electrical concepts appeared in the world.

Against this, a young man tried to resist the order and fought in Duality in Front of the Throne, but was defeated by Kujou Sara, a member of Kujou’s team in the Eleventh Commission of those facing the Hunting Compass Order. . After this, the Sanganomiya Resistance is formed to fight the Order, which confronts the Sanganomiya Kokomi on Watatsumi Island. They have been at civil war with the Shogunate army ever since, causing conflict between the two sides.

Genshin Impact Version 2.0 Coming Late July With New Inazuma Area & Cross Progression

Pyro Hypostasis can be found on Kannazuka Island north of Kujou Camp, and represents the fiery birth of the Hypostasis boss fight. What makes this boss so difficult to defeat is his basic shield, which will require the use of Hydro to get rid of it properly.

Hydro Hypostasis can be found in the Suidetsu Pond at the bottom of Watatsumi Island, with this Hypostasis-type water warrior counted on by those who can effectively resist his original powers. Bringing Pyro, Cryo or Electro elements is critical to success.

Thunder Manifestation can be found on an island floating above Seraii Island, and proves to be a formidable opponent that is difficult for nearby characters to fight due to how it floats above the battlefield. Make sure you don’t bring Electro characters, as they are completely safe.

Located on Yashiori Island near Snake’s Head, Maguu Kenki has an attack style that makes it easy to connect with nearby characters.

The Sunrise Over Inazuma. The Sunset Over Mondstadt & Liyue.

The Golden Wolflord is located in the southern part of Tsurumi Island, and it is difficult to be the boss who destroys the shield. If you rely on them for your normal attack plans, you’ll need to adapt to defeat this terrifying boss.

Just as each region in Genshin Impact has flora, fauna, and scenery, each region has its own unique regional fauna, and Inazuma is no different. As an island location, many of these can be found on or near Inazuma’s shores.

A number of area enemies unique to the Inazuma area can be encountered while roaming the area. This includes advanced enemies with flying skills and samurai-style enemies inspired by the Japanese regional roots.

As you explore Inazuma, you’ll find various Electroculus scattered around the world. Some can be easily collected, while others will require you to solve various puzzles to get them as rewards. The more you earn, the bigger the reward

How To Get To Inazuma Genshin Impact

After unlocking the Inazuma Reputation system after completing the quest ‘Flowers Bloom in Prison’, you can find reputation challenges and rewards within the Kamisato Zone on Narukami Island. The Fame system is unique to each region and Inazuma is no different, with the completion of these quests and challenges providing unique rewards.

Typical weekly quests include ending chaos in the area by defeating certain enemies at the request of those who need help and collecting ingredients or materials, with experience and Mora awarded for completion. In addition, you can experience your local quests and bonuses, which require you to defeat powerful monsters around the world. Inazuma’s general requirements will also give traits.

The more you complete, the higher your reputation will be throughout Inazuma, and you can increase your reputation by completing these round-robin challenges and explorations.

Exploring Inazuma is difficult due to the danger Genshin Impact poses to players attempting to pass through its territory. Part of Yashiori Island and the entire Seraii Islands are covered in lightning

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