What Is Samsung Bixby – Virtual Assistant

What Is Samsung Bixby – Virtual Assistant – – In recent days, the world was surprised by the appearance of Sam, who appears as a candidate for vice president of Samsung devices in three areas.

The reason is that Samsung itself currently has a virtual assistant called Bixby, which has been used in various mobile devices manufactured by the Korean company.

What Is Samsung Bixby – Virtual Assistant

Many are wondering if this will replace Bixby as the virtual assistant on Samsung devices.

Samsung Launches Bixby Kids Edition, The Child Friendly Virtual Assistant

But Sam becomes a 3D character created by design firm Lightfarm Studio in collaboration with Samsung Group’s marketing company, Cheil Worldwide.

Earlier, Lightfarm Studio itself introduced the character of Sam in two versions. However, over the past few days, Sam has made a three-way comeback with videos posted on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and the official Lightfarm Studio website.

These photos show Sam posing in various styles, wearing clothes with the word Samsung Galaxy, taking interesting photos or using a Samsung mobile phone.

In this avatar, Sam has a happy face and a relatively healthy body that makes him look good. In addition, he wore clothes that mentioned Samsung Galaxy, the flagship mobile product manufactured by Samsung.

Samsung Bixby; A Constant Improvement

After appearing on various social media sites, many people immediately started playing around creating memes and actions related to Sam, making him very viral, seen by many and a testament to his popularity.

Note: Samsung launched its first assistant called S Voice on May 30, 2012. This assistant was first used with the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android mobile phone.

But the capabilities of S Voice are starting to surpass Google Assistant, a real assistant created by Google. After a while, Samsung’s virtual assistant was officially replaced by Bixby in 2017.

The exact reason why Sam’s character posted on three types of social media is still unknown. Is this just a Samsung ad or will it replace Bixby Assistant on Samsung phones in the future?

Samsung Officially Announces Bixby Virtual Assistant

The first author is usually referred to as Argan Adhith. Years of writing experience has enabled him to remember the pros and cons of various technology products, especially mobile phones. Sam first appeared online with a design similar to a Pixar western 3D animation and a touch of female photography. in Asia.

She has a feminine appearance with short black hair, light eyes and a black shirt with the words “Samsung Galaxy” on her sleeves.

This could be one of the reasons Sam launched to compete with other assistant products instead of Bixby.

Samsung did not specify the purpose of SAM. In particular, they emphasized that Sam is not a replacement for Bixby.

Samsung Is Banking On Bixby Virtual Assistant, Debuting In Galaxy S8

Explaining this, Samsung says that unlike Bixby, which is installed on consumer devices including Galaxy phones, Sam is “a call from the Samsung service team”.

Sam, aka Samantha, was created by design firm Lightfarm in association with Samsung advertising firm Cheil Agency. But the final product was not received or placed in the Samsung factory.

Lightfarm writes: “Throughout the show, the team devoted themselves to creating practical elements, particularly the character’s hair and clothing, so Sam looked impressive.

Lightfarm has now been removed, mainly referring to its 2D predecessor and how Sam’s latest creation was recreated in 3D.

How To Deactivate Bixby On Your Samsung Smartphone

In other words, Sam is not new and the latest image is an idea for a 3D version of the existing chatbot.

Since his first appearance, Sam has become an instant hit on social media. Many people also call Sam “Wife” and care about the design of this AI assistant.

But unfortunately Sam got the wrong answer from the internet. Sam’s appearance has caused a lot of insecurity, mostly in Reddit threads

There is no definitive information yet on whether all the pictures of Sam on the Internet are part of the project or represent Samsung’s final design.

Samsung Virtual Assistant

Regardless of whether Samsung uses Sam virus in the future, it is unlikely that Sam will replace Bixby or become an assistant on Galaxy smartphones. ***

Here is the list from 1 to 17, the names of DPD candidates in Lampung province published by KPU.

Who are the DCS Bengkulu Province DPD candidates for the 2024 election? These are the words published by KPU, 12 people. Bixby has been around for a few years now, and while some Samsung users may be loyal, it’s not really responsive to the assistants we have. Visual Arts House released a redesigned OEM Assistant Sam, but at this point we’re not sure if it’s Samsung fan art or if it’s a project they’ve been working on publicly. In front of society. The site has now been deleted, but nothing really disappears from the internet.

According to Unbox PH, Sam was the founder of Lightfarm Studios and they released many images with the Pixal version compatible with Anime Assistant. There was also a test clip where Sam actually did a normal save, but that seems to have disappeared. So what Bixby was actually doing now was looking at Sam more than what Sam could actually do. He has brown hair, blue eyes and wears pants and a shirt with the Samsung logo.

Samsung’s Bixby Assistant Is Now Available For Galaxy S8 Owners Worldwide

Sam had a simple 2D version, but they created a full 3D design, covering photos and graphics, using a combination of Adobe and other editing software, the report explained. They said they created “realistic props, especially hair and clothes to make Sam look good”. So according to the description on the deleted page, it was pretty good for the new virtual assistant.

But some found it interesting that the project was a collaboration between Samsung’s Lightfarm and Cheil Agency. And since this page was later deleted, some are now questioning whether it’s a genuine project created by Samsung, but that’s not for everyone. Or maybe it was a project they were working on, but ended up on hold and Lightfarm decided to publish it.

It’s also possible that Lightfarm did this to show what Samsung could do. It would be interesting to see a 3D display for the virtual assistant, as it would make something like Bixby more “accessible” and relatable to those not used to working with technology.

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Samsung Makes Its Virtual Assistant Bixby A Little Less Annoying For Note 9 Users

February 9 is expected to be interesting for Samsung. When the Event and Party download notification appears, many devices have… News Samsung What’s Sam? Why everyone is interested in a real person who doesn’t exist However, natural assistants like Siri and influencers like Miquela or FN Meka have become popular symbols of 21st century innovation. However, this is the first time we see a mobile AI like Siri or Bixby pretending to be a real person.

But aside from Alexa and Siri, a new digital assistant is taking over the internet: Samsung Sam. A series of 3D videos of a famous man’s wife have been seen by millions online over the weekend. Take it personally? Samsung didn’t make Sam official or acknowledge it.

A collection of 3D animations and character designs has garnered international attention since its launch on the website of Brazilian studio Lightfarm. Lightfarm has teamed up with Cheil, a Samsung-owned marketing agency, to develop the Theoretical Assistant project. Check it:

Despite the plan, the collaboration as a project seemed to be temporarily over, with the video sitting on Lightfarm’s website for a week. That is, until someone found her sharing her photos on Twitter.

Samsung Luncurkan Bixby Generasi Kedua

With his piercing blue eyes and shaved hair, Samsung Sam looks like a real sidekick, like a Pixar creation of Flo from Progressive. Flo eventually grows out of his character and Evolution is forced to release his human form, Sam never ages and dies and has the potential to become a Samsung brand forever.

The success of the Samsung Sam virus shows the desire of many ordinary people, even those with full symptoms. Now people are wondering if Sam could replace Samsung’s usual AI assistant, the faceless and forgettable Bixby.

Virtual assistants like Siri and their related ones like Miquela or FN Meka continue to grow when digital and human experiences are needed.

While the Sam isn’t Samsung certified (yet!), Samsung has a long history of innovation in small spaces. In 2019, Samsung teamed up with Brud’s Lil Miquela for a months-long #TeamGalaxy campaign featuring their latest Galaxy smartphone as a mirror image of Miquela.

Samsung’s Bixby Voice Assistant Is Still Nowhere In Sight

Taking the Galaxy even further, Samsung has partnered with The Digitals Shudu Gram for a smart program designed to combine their technology and innovation.

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