Turn On Predictive Back Navigation On Android 14

Turn On Predictive Back Navigation On Android 14 – Predictive Back will be one of the most visible user changes this fall. As work continues, Google revealed at its 2023 I/O event how some developers, including Chrome, can use previews back in Android 14.

The view back shows the view of the home screen when you swipe the edges past and minimizes the current app. According to a Google study, home animations “significantly reduce the number of users who accidentally quit apps and feel better.”

Turn On Predictive Back Navigation On Android 14

Sensitive back movements). Google is set to enable it by default in Android 14, but it’s still optional starting with beta 2.

Android 14’s Predictive Back Gesture Lets You Preview Where You’re Going When You Swipe Back

Android 14 adds a preview feature to the app, where you can preview any screen while moving the app around. In addition to the interactive animation calendar demo, Google offered examples of “key moments” at I/O:

To ease adoption, developers can now choose “expected system dynamics for each process instead of the entire app.”

You’re reading – experts who provide daily updates about Google and the ecosystem around it. Be sure to check out our homepage for the latest news and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date. Don’t know where to start? Check out our featured stories, reviews, how-tos and subscribe to our YouTube channel The back gesture, which used to be the back button, has long been a blessing and a curse. While this gives us back system-level navigation, this behavior is sometimes unpredictable. But Google may have a solution with a new intuitive backward indicator that gives you a dynamic view of where you’re going to help you decide whether to continue with the current scene or stop.

The new expected return indicator, which will be enabled by default when 14 arrives at the end of 2023, is currently only available in Google’s own apps, including:

Android 14 Is Coming: Here’s What We Know So Far

Third-party app developers need to update their apps to support the new feature and can test the OpenMotion version using the 13 developer options. Since Developer Options 13 is available to everyone, you can try it out as long as you’re running version 13 on Google Pixels and other phones.

13 (API level 33) introduced back-sensitive gestures for devices such as phones, large screens and foldable screens. This is part of a multi-year rollout; When this feature is fully implemented, users will be able to see the destination or other return results before they are fully completed, allowing them to decide whether or not to continue with the current scenario. – Developers

If you are using button-based navigation on your 13 device, you may need to switch to gestural navigation for 14 predictive backward pointing in the future. Here’s how to do it in a few different models:

If your 13 hasn’t already opened the developer options menu, you’ll need to find the “build number” information in the Settings app and then tap it seven times. The test will confirm that you are a developer if successful.

Google Chrome Could Get The Predictive Back Gesture Feature From Android 14

You need to unlock the hidden developer options to enable the new sensitive background indicator. The location of the Developer Options menu will depend on your device. for example:

When you open the Developer Options menu, under Apps, find and select “Predictable Rewind Animations”. (You can also use the search function in your Settings app to get there.) A prompt will explain what it does and how developers can enable it in their apps; Press “OK”.

To try the hints behind future predictions, open one of the above apps that currently support it. As you can see in the GIFs below, this also worked for me in the Settings app on some Google Pixel models, but it didn’t work consistently on all of our Pixels.

Then swipe from the left or right corner of the screen to activate it, and you’ll see the app slide down to the card, showing the destination of the back gesture in the background. Release your finger to end the action (bottom left GIF) or swipe back to the edge to stay in the app (right GIF).

Google Introduces Predictive Back Gesture Feature To Improve Navigation In Android

If you find other apps that support predictive background alerts, let us know and we’ll add them to our list!

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