Find My Device App – Updated Icon And Features

Find My Device App – Updated Icon And Features – The Find My Device Android app rarely gets updated, but it now has a new icon that better fits Google’s modern design language.

The icon is still a pin marked with a phone on a green background. But the white pin is now smaller and the lower right quadrant no longer has a shadow. It’s very consistent with Google’s other flat icons. This tip also makes the purpose of the icon a little clearer.

Find My Device App – Updated Icon And Features

Elsewhere, “Google Play Protect” becomes just “Google Play” on the login screen (with a disturbing lack of focus). In the app, Google Play uses device icons for Sound, Protect Device, and Clean Device actions.

Google Play System Update Showing Red Icon

The rest of the Android app remains unchanged from the original Material Design design. It may be updated over time, but right now the main way people use Find My Device is probably Google’s universal search method.

Version 2.4.065 is now released (compared to 2.4.052). If you’re installing via a third-party download, we ran into a weird bug where the update wouldn’t install (for Android 13 anyway) if you don’t uninstall the old app first. Maybe it won’t be a problem if it’s available through the Play Store.

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Like Find My Friends, Find My Friends allows you to share your current location with you and vice versa. If a friend allows it, the app also allows you to receive notifications whenever they leave or arrive at a certain location.

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In older Find Me apps, you can swipe down on the screen to manually update the location of a person or device. In the new Find Me app, location beacons will periodically appear on the map in the People and Devices tabs and automatically update every minute if the signal is good.

If you think your connection is broken or you don’t want to wait for the next periodic update, you can update manually. Just tap on a person’s name or device to open their map and find their location. That’s all you have to do. Under your address, the last visit time should quickly change to NOW.

If opening the location map does not update the last viewing time, there may be a bad signal in the transmitter or receiver area; try moving to an area with a stronger mobile signal and then try again. You can also exit the app by swiping up and opening it again to refresh the connections on all your devices.

In June, Apple announced iOS 17, which includes many new features and changes for the iPhone. After more than three months of beta testing, the free software update is rolling out this Monday, September 18, for iPhone XS and newer. Below, we’ve rounded up the top 10 iPhone features with iOS 17, with more coming later this year. Updates should be posted…

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Apple is now accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max through its online store and the Apple Store app. The Apple Store app is usually the fastest way to pre-order, as it’s often available before the website opens. Pre-orders are now open in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and those with… Google doesn’t yet have an exact timeline for the launch of the Find My Device network, but we do have a few additional hints. about what to expect.

If you’ve ever lost your phone or mobile accessories, you may have used Google’s Find My Device app to find them. This service has been around for a while and can quickly give you the approximate location of multiple phones or devices connected to your Google Account.

Google released the latest update to the app yesterday, taking it from version 2.5 to version 3.0 (via 9to5Google ). This update comes with a new Find My Device icon. Gone is the green bubble with the phone in the middle, replaced by a radar symbol in Google’s usual four-color theme. Check it out below:

Currently, this version 3.0 update has not been released yet. You can get it manually via APKMirror if you want. Otherwise, you will see it on your phone in the coming days.

Find My Device Logo Vector

Along with a new Find My Device icon, the update hints at the future of the Find My Device network. Google announced the FMD network at Google I/O in May. It promises to harness the power of millions of Android phones to pinpoint the location of devices, including future trackers built with the FMD network in mind. It’s essentially Google’s answer to Apple’s Find My service, which works in a similar way and supports the AirTag world.

However, Google later delayed the launch of the network due to security concerns. You’ve probably heard of people using Apple’s AirTag to track people and do other illegal things. Google doesn’t want that kind of heat, so it’s looking for ways to make the network as secure as possible before it goes live. Interestingly, part of the delay is to give Apple more time to make its interactions with the network more secure.

We don’t know much about what it does because the Find My Device network isn’t working yet. However, this new Find My Device v3.0 update offers some tips.

According to Threads’ Mishal Rahman, one new feature could be a “Mark as missing” switch. This allows you to tell the network that you’ve lost something, which will remotely lock the device, log you out, and notify you when the network finds it. Other features outlined in the new code include the ability to temporarily share the location of devices with others, edit contact information for accessories, set the device’s ring volume, view the accessory’s battery level, and more.

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Google has yet to announce an official timetable for the launch of the network. We hope to see it before the end of the year though. This summer, Google plans to harness the power of more than a billion Android devices worldwide to help users find trackers and headphones by expanding its Find My Device service. To highlight this big update, Google has also updated its Find My Device app logo.

For years, the Android app icon featured a white pin on a green background with a phone in the center, indicating the service’s card-based functionality. In 2022, Google changed the icon slightly by removing shadows to bring it in line with the aesthetics of other modern logos.

While the app received a major update in February with the introduction of Material You, the green logo remained unchanged, a move that struck observers as odd.

However, since then, a new Find My Device logo has appeared.

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