Using Threads App By Meta To Maintain Privacy

Using Threads App By Meta To Maintain Privacy – PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he downloaded the new Themes app hours after it launched on July 5.

But a cybersecurity expert is warning users against rushing to download Threads, citing privacy concerns.

Using Threads App By Meta To Maintain Privacy

The app is a spin-off from Instagram, but instead of photos and videos, the app is more text-based and is seen as a competitor to Twitter.

Threads Profile Can Only Be Deleted By Deleting Instagram Account, Meta Says

But with millions flocking to the Threads app, cybercrime expert Rob D’Ovidio warns users to be privacy aware. The app is banned in some countries: not in the European Union, which has strict data privacy laws.

“What this tells me is that we have other privacy issues that we need to address,” said D’Ovidio, a professor of criminology and justice studies at Drexel University. “Countries in the European Union are highly regulated in the interests of consumers and privacy.”

The app privacy policy in the Apple App Store outlines the personal information it may collect about users, including: health and fitness, financial information, contacts, browsing history, and location.

However, some social media users we spoke to in the city center on Friday have a different take on the warning.

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“I’ve always been the bad guy who said, ‘That’s where my knowledge lies,'” Hillman said.

“People will post what they wrote,” said her mother, Michelle Dean. “So it’s another form of social media that I don’t use.”

Hillman said he hopes classes can be a more productive platform than its competitors.

“I feel like Twitter is a cruel place, so I hope it promotes positivity,” Hillman said.

Top Features Of Meta’s Threads App

The installation process was simple: a quick download, then the app connects to your existing Instagram and then asks if you want a public or private account.

“Put it on,” D’Ovidio said. “Use it yourself. Go through the installation process. Familiarize yourself with the privacy and security settings.”

We reached out to Meta to discuss privacy protocols when dealing with minors, but have not received a response.

Marcella Baietto is a bilingual reporter for CBS3 Eyewitness News. He’s from Phoenix, Arizona, but considers El Salvador his second home since most of his family still lives there. The new social media platform owned by Meta is tired of a company that is useful for sharing information but has few means of communication.

How To Use Threads: Instagram Threads: Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Launches Twitter Like App. What It Is & How To Use It?

The newest thing in social media isn’t exactly new. Here it is. Meta’s Threads app is like a classic combination of Twitter and Instagram.

It attracted more than a million users in less than a week, paving the way for Twitter alternatives like Mastodon or Bluesky, especially since it’s part of an already established social media brand. You don’t have to start all over the course; Just log into your Instagram profile and get all your followers with a simple follow.

But there’s baggage that comes with Insta,” she said. She spoke to Meghan McCarthy Carino about it. Below is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Shirin Gaffary: On the other hand, many people mess with Twitter and want an alternative; On the other hand, this alternative is an app owned and operated by the world’s largest social media company. So there seems to be no real competitor to begin with. I think the closest thing is TikTok. Yes, it looks like a battle between the big tech titans here.

Threads: Access And Use Meta’s New App In Europe

Meghan McCarthy Carino: What are some reasons why all of your social networks should be one major company: Meta?

Ghaffary: You’ve already seen how Threads gets data from Instagram: it pulls out your network of friends. Now, you’re doing this on purpose because you’re accessing topics with your Instagram credentials. But I will say this, I think it’s smart that Meta/Instagram has decided to say that threads will have a limited future. In the future, the theory is that you’ll be able to export all your theme followers to any app you want.

Gaffary: Yeah, so the idea is that there should be a little bit of a standard for variations, as opposed to the big social platforms where you have all your followers, all your posts, all your data locked down. If you want to move your apps and social media data from one place to another, you can do it quickly in this global world with many, many different options on how to do it. your whole life on social media. But what Instagram is saying is very different and it can lead to more leads, they’re probably the first social media companies to do that by saying, ‘Okay, we’re going to let you have something like this.’ integrity in your community that you build here and take elsewhere. “

McCarthy Carino: Now, yes, Meta, Facebook, Instagram have relied on advertising for monetization. Will it be the same in classes?

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Gaffary: No classes announced yet. It’s their conscious choice and what helps them grow. If you want to entice users to use a new app, you don’t want them to be bombarded with ads they don’t want to see. The meter is also very expensive, so there is no need to try to advertise the water immediately. However, they said it would come. Mark Zuckerberg opened a thread and said that once he reaches one billion users, he will start taking care of the problem. And now it has reached 100 million. But, I mean, the Meta runs its business with ads, so you can expect to see a lot of them one day, if the classes continue to grow.

McCarthy Carino: Let’s talk about topics and what’s going on in the world. Maybe it wasn’t released in the European Union because of some regulatory issues, right?

Ghaffary: Yes. So there are new rules in theB. As for the things that are still being resolved and how they will be done, Meta is determined to stay out of the EU because they are said to be having trouble enforcing these orders. As such, these rules may restrict companies like Meta from sharing data across their various platforms and applications. So, we were talking about the biggest advantage of themes is that they can access your Instagram data. If it cannot, or has difficulty doing so, problems may arise under this EU action. But again, it’s a test, we don’t know how this law will work. So the most important thing is that the movement keeps the gatekeepers, and Meta is seen as a big enough company to be the gatekeeper.

McCarthy Carino: What other data privacy issues have come up?

Why The Early Success Of Threads May Crash Into Reality

Ghaffary: On the web, it looks like there’s a screen of all the permissions you’ve been given when you sign up to use the themes. When you download it from the Apple App Store, it’s a real thing, and it says “Meta has permission to track things like your location and health information.” But as scary as that sounds, it’s true for most people, it’s a balance. I’ve looked into this and there is a privacy policy that Twitter provides when you download the app. So I think what people are fundamentally uncomfortable with are social media apps, many of which track our online behavior to some degree. When you download an app from one of these big tech companies, you’re giving up a lot of your data.

McCarthy Carino: Now in the second week of a frenetic life of classes. What will you focus on as things progress?

Gaffary: I will look at many programs. I think Meta has done a lot to try to see these big, famous brands: People like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Martha Stewart, and then there are big brands like Wendy’s. While this can increase brand credibility when an app is first released, it also needs real developers.

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