Google Airtags – New Name And Icon Explained

Google Airtags – New Name And Icon Explained – In recent months there has been a lot of talk about a possible alternative to Apple’s Air Tag proposed by Google. The code name of the project recalls a character from the legend of Star Wars, but today we finally know what the official name and symbol of the new product could be: Google trackers will probably enter the market as Nich Locator Tag. .

With the company’s code name in yellow, the label of the Google Nest locator, they can surprise I / O in the evt of May 10, on which occasion the Mountain View company will show the new Pixel 7a, as the Pixel Fold. e Pixel tablet. Also a new update for Android 14. A new product icon appears in the next few hours

Google Airtags – New Name And Icon Explained

The Eye Nest Locator Tag will likely work in a similar way to Apple’s Air Tag, allowing it to detect the location of connected objects in real time. However, it is not clear if these new devices will work only with Pixel smartphones (like Samsung’s Smart Tag D which only works with the Korean company’s devices) or with all phones equipped with Android (probably from version 12).

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There is no other information about this new tracker but, as mentioned before, Google can surprise them with an event scheduled in a week. Do you have an Apple AirTag? Apart from buying various holder cases and accessories, the best way to customize it is through the software: you can name your AirTag as you want and put a custom icon using any emoji. Here’s how to do it.

When you set up your AirTag for the first time, iPhone asks you to choose the type of tag you’re using. This gives the tag a default name depending on the category: keys, luggage, wallet, etc.

However, you can customize it anytime and if you want to change the emoji without changing the name you can do that too. For example, you can use a different key emoji than the default emoji that the Find My app chooses for you. After you set the AirTag name and icon, you can customize it.

If you have multiple sets of keys and want to differentiate between them, you may want to rename the airtag. You can choose any label and any emoji to identify your items.

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You can also use the name you choose for your AirTag to identify it when you make voice requests with Siri. By giving your item a specific name, you can ask Siri ‘where are my keys’ or ‘ping my [item name]’ when you’re in Bluetooth range of your AirTag.

AirTag support in Find My requires iOS 14.5 or later. Make sure your iPhone is up-to-date before trying to set up your first AirTag.

Your name and custom emoji will appear on all your devices in the Find My app on iPhone, iPad and Mac. These instructions for renaming your AirTag are compatible with the Find My app on iOS. Find My on Mac doesn’t allow you to directly customize your items, but if you rename your items on another device, the custom name/emoji will sync and display correctly on the Mac.

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Apple Airtag Skin Template Vector

Benjamin professionally develops iOS applications and covers Apple news and rumors. Listen to Benjamin weekly on the Happy Hour Podcast. Check out his personal blog. Email Benjamin or send a message on Twitter. Recently, at a family member’s birthday party, my friend’s house key went missing. We searched to no avail for an hour, killing the mood and the evening ended on a low note.

While his keys were indeed lost (though they were found the next day), I felt a little guilty knowing that something like this would never happen to me, at least not now. In a world full of iPhones, the new $29 AirTags that track Apple devices make it harder to lose something, accidentally or otherwise.

It’s hard to find fault with Apple’s latest gadget; AirTags are simple, easy to use and easy to set up. AirTags have already helped me find my keys in the middle of a wild New York campaign, under a pile of my decidedly clean laundry and a jacket I forgot I was wearing in the mess of the night. All of this is possible through intelligent design changes in iPhones and the ubiquity and uniformity of iOS devices.

At first glance, the biggest problem may be losing the AirTag before attaching it to something. The white button-like trackers are small, a little bigger than a quarter, and you can “engrave” the white front of each AirTag with three letters or any emoji. (Emoji and text are all dull gray, so don’t expect yellow or brown surfaces on your AirTags.)

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On the back is a shiny removable backplate that allows you to access the replaceable coin cell battery, which Apple says should last about a year. This back plate won’t stay shiny for long. Like iPods of old, you can expect your gadget to leave a patina in your pocket, purse, or pet collar.

If you’re hoping to keep track of ever-disappearing keys, AirTags require a separate and expensive chain accessory. (Mosaic, which has been in the business of helping users find lost items for years, has introduced products with built-in keychain holes.) Apple has a small collection of expensive accessories where you can attach your AirTags, from $ 13 Belkin- turn. -key to a $449 Hermes luggage tag. . After putting the AirTag in the accessory, you can put it where you keep your keychain.

Pairing AirTags is an absolute breeze, done in the Find Me section of the iPhone settings. Assign another name and icon to the item you’re tracking, and that’s it. From there, you can set extras like a custom message to be displayed when someone (with an NFC-enabled smartphone) finds your AirTag and taps it on their phone.

Android users? You have a chance. A species. AirTags works with Android devices, but lacks many of the signature features that entice you to buy a device tracker like AirTags.

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IPhones with the U1 Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip, such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models, have improved item tracking to make finding lost items even easier. Using a UWB chip, the iPhone will show an arrow with the estimated distance from your AirTag, pointing you in the right direction until you’re basically on your lost tracker.

Of course, other location tracking products have been around for years, such as the tile and its variety of Bluetooth trackers that fit in wallets, keys, and even certain products from companies such as HP and Fitbit. But Apple’s ecosystem provides a potential advantage with existing networks of Mac and iOS devices that make AirTag easier to find than Tile Tracker.

Here’s Apple’s secret sauce: Every iPhone that acts as a beacon for a lost device in the background automatically benefits from AirTags, whether you own AirTags or not, where other trackers rely on a user-selected network that also has tracking. device. Any AirTag lost on any iPhone will send a notification to your phone, showing you the last location of the AirTag. Apple says no personal data is shared with nearby iPhones, and it’s all done in the background, anonymous and encrypted. You can also select the Find my network option if you choose.

According to the official Apple AirTag page, “Your AirTag sends a secure Bluetooth signal that can be discovered by nearby devices via Find My Network. “These devices send your AirTag’s location to iCloud – then you’re good to go in the Find My app and see it on a map. The entire process is anonymous and encrypted to protect your privacy.

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Although AirTags is quite an impressive accessory that only Apple can make, Apple’s competition is not happy about its deep integration in AirTag. In January 2020, Tile asked Congress to investigate the iPhone manufacturer, saying that the changes to iOS and the introduction of the UWB chip were part of its biggest anticompetitive practices. The tile does not have access to the wider network of iPhones and other devices on the Find My network, which could put the tile at the same level.

In addition, the National Network to Stop Domestic Violence warns that trackers can potentially be used to facilitate incidents of domestic violence, by allowing them to know someone’s location.

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