Speed Up Your Android Phone – Tips For Performance

Speed Up Your Android Phone – Tips For Performance – Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help Our first tip on how to speed up an Android phone: Get started! Turn off your phone, then turn it on

This may sound strange, but there is a good reason for this If, like most people, you leave your Android phone on all the time, its memory will slowly fill up with bits of memory that move around from apps you’ve closed. Gradually, the phone will fill up the temporary files – if you can’t sleep, your head is full of things you need to remember. Rebooting frees this memory and when you reboot, the phone works like new again.

Speed Up Your Android Phone – Tips For Performance

But if that doesn’t work, you have to try other ways to speed it up In this article, we’ll talk a little about why your phone might be running slow, and then we’ll see how to speed up Android tablets and phones.

Ways To Improve Android Performance

In some cases, older phones may not provide the correct user experience If you tried a DOS computer with a monochrome monitor today, you wouldn’t be impressed – even though it was a mainstream machine in the 1980s. But these tips are worth following: you can still get performance improvements and keep an old phone useful for a few years. Follow these tips and speed up your Android

Check your home screen Running a load of widgets — news, weather, social feeds, email, calendar — is one reason your phone is slowing down. Every time you pick up your phone or go to the home screen, your phone has to load all this content – ​​that’s a huge demand. Reducing the number of widgets will free up your phone to do other things

If you want to know how to speed up your Android tablet, this is the best way to start Because most of us keep the home screen small on our phones but go home on tablets with tons of widgets for memory recall.

Phones tend to accumulate software over time You see a potentially useful app and you install it, but you never use it Likewise, it takes up space, and some programs may run in the background even if you don’t open them All of these slow down your phone, so checking your apps and reducing the number of downloads can help speed up your Android phone.

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Go to Settings (gear icon) and then Apps This will give you a list of apps installed on your phone (if it appears in the Apps tab, swipe right until you find ‘All’). To install an app,

Some devices come with a large amount of software pre-installed by the manufacturer Often, this is not very useful, and takes up a lot of space and memory​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​, ‘Blatware’ Some manufacturers don’t allow you to remove them However, where there should be an ‘uninstall’ button, there is a ‘disable’ button It doesn’t delete files, because software doesn’t delete them, but it stops them from running and thus frees up your phone’s memory.

If you use greedy apps like Facebook or YouTube, a little cleaning might help Many apps have lightweight, minimal-feature versions, designed for basic devices and low-bandwidth 2G connections. Sometimes, they are only available in developing countries, but many can be downloaded anywhere

Facebook hugs your device; Try Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite instead Twitter, Uber, and YouTube all have simplified versions, though they may not be available everywhere Another way to find some desired apps is to look for versions designed to run on the entry-level Android operating system, Android Go.

How To Speed Up Android: Fix A Slow Phone Or Tablet

While we’re on the subject of ‘light’ apps, you can speed up Chrome It doesn’t have a separate Lite version, but it does have a Lite mode that you can enable in Chrome’s settings Easy mode uses Google servers to compress pages and use 60% less data Your image quality will be a bit lower, but if you can live with that, be prepared for higher speeds

The next step to speed up your Android phone is to clear the data storage Too much data on your phone can slow down your operating system, so freeing up space should improve its performance.

To help you with this you need to install a new app – Google Files It’s a nice program that can find files anywhere on your phone and get rid of duplicates; It can be customized If your phone only has 16GB of total space, this is a great tool to free up space Watch out for particularly large files that you no longer need to download and delete

Instead of storing your photos and other files on internal memory, you can free up space using the cloud. Photos can be set to automatically save to your Google Drive, for example, you can pull them from your gallery on the phone.

Tips And Tricks To Make Android Faster And Improve Performance

You also need to clear the cache This is a temporary storage area that the app uses to store data that can be quickly accessed the next time you open the app. Often, the app doesn’t delete old cached data, it just adds more each time – and even if they’re small files, the data storage used increases over time. To clear the cache:

When browsing apps, you can boost performance a bit by turning off automatic sync for apps you don’t use often.

So far, it is easy and all humans can do it Now, let’s look at some developer options First, you need to enable developer mode:

You should now see a message that Developer Mode is enabled, and when you’re in Settings you’ll now see some additional options available. Go to “Developer Options” and there are three options that can help boost your phone’s performance

Tips To Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

“No background process” provides the best performance It closes background apps until you use them, meaning the phone can focus on the apps you’re working on.

Disabling animations helps your phone display apps faster and use less memory Go to Windows Animation Scale and turn it off

Force GPU rendering, which uses the phone’s graphics unit (GPU) to render your app instead of software rendering. This makes UI rendering faster and uses less memory

A warning to road warriors; It can reduce your battery life by about 10%, because it uses more power than other software

Tips To Boost Battery Life On Android

Many people who want to know how to speed up Android think that updating to the latest version will help them. But it doesn’t happen every time

For some phones, updating to a newer version of Android (currently Android 10) can greatly improve performance because all those small improvements in the operating system add up to big improvements.

But if you have a phone that’s more than a few years old, especially if it’s under maintenance, you might get an update that slows down your phone. Your phone may not have enough storage or memory to handle the update

There are ways to roll back the update, but sometimes it’s very difficult If your phone is more than three or four years old, perhaps running Android 4, it’s best to skip the system.

How To Speed Up Android Phone

One of the main reasons why some Android phones and tablets run slow is because they have malware installed on them. You might have installed an app that came with a malicious app (which is why you should download the app from an official app store) or clicked on an infected link in an email. You may experience symptoms like your phone crashing, your data usage increasing inexplicably, your battery draining quickly, or your phone overheating.

If you follow the suggested steps, you should be able to remove most malware But you want to prevent your phone from getting infected in the future, so use a good security program like Internet Security. It is available on Android and you can download it from Google Play So your phone or tablet will be safe from any malware infection or attack.

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There is nothing more frustrating than a slow Android phone If the touchscreen doesn’t respond quickly to your fingers, you might end up making the same swipe twice — and then realize you missed something when you picked up the phone. And it’s annoying when your screen freezes

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