Youtube Ad Blockers – Avoid Three Strikes

Youtube Ad Blockers – Avoid Three Strikes – If you’re using an ad blocker to avoid ads on YouTube, you may want to stop now. Because YouTube may soon launch three policy warnings that prohibit users from using Adbocker while watching videos on YouTube.

Does this mean you can’t avoid ads on YouTube? What is YouTube’s three logo policy? Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming feature.

Youtube Ad Blockers – Avoid Three Strikes

YouTube has tested a three-violation policy for some users who use ad blockers. If people still insist on using ad blocking software, they may see videos blocked from playing.

Youtube Is Testing A More Aggressive Approach Against Ad Blockers

YouTube states that “ad blockers violate YouTube’s terms of service. In extreme cases, if viewers continue to use ad blockers, their playback will be temporarily disabled.”

The video-sharing giant is serious about banning videos if viewers repeatedly ignore ad blocker disable warnings. However, viewers can also share their feedback by clicking a link in the popup if they believe they have been incorrectly flagged due to the use of an ad blocker.

According to YouTube’s three violations policy, as a viewer you have two options, including viewing YouTube ads. However, if you don’t want to watch advertisements, you will need to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription.

YouTube now issues a warning to users who use ad blockers to avoid ads on YouTube. After three violations, YT will temporarily ban viewers from playing the video.

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Yes, YouTube may soon issue three warnings to people who use ad blockers, forcing viewers to disable them.

Under the new ad blocking policy, viewers will receive three warnings if they use ad blockers to avoid ads on YouTube. Eventually, after three violations, the video will be banned. YouTube is currently running a “small global experiment” that alerts users to turn off ad blockers and avoid three video viewing limits.

As one Reddit user noted on Wednesday, YouTube will now display a pop-up informing users that the ad blocker targeted by this test “Video player will be blocked after 3 videos.”

The message added: “It appears you are using an ad blocker. This video will be blocked unless you whitelist YouTube or disable your ad blocker.”

Youtube Tests Restricting Ad Blocker Users To 3 Video Views

“Ads make YouTube free and accessible to billions of people around the world. With YouTube Premium, you’re free from ads and creators still get paid through your subscription.”

After receiving this warning, YouTube users have only two options: turn off ad blocking and allow ads, or subscribe to YouTube Premium to eliminate all ads.

YouTube confirmed that the alerts were part of an experiment and said the company encourages viewers to enable ads on the platform or try YouTube Premium.

“We’re running a small test globally, inviting viewers with ad blockers to enable ads on YouTube or try YouTube Premium,” YouTube said.

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When asked if the company planned to prevent users from accessing the platform using ad blockers, YouTube said that in “extreme circumstances” playback may be temporarily disabled.

“In extreme cases, if a viewer continues to use an ad blocker, playback will be temporarily disabled. We take playback bans very seriously and will only disable playback when a viewer ignores repeated requests to allow ads on YouTube,” he said. the company said.

“As part of this test, viewers using ad blockers can disable their ad blockers, enable YouTube ads, or subscribe to YouTube Premium to avoid interruptions.”

YouTube has not disclosed how many regions and which regions are participating in the test and will see these warnings.

Youtube Blocking Ad Blockers: What You Need To Know

“Ad blocker detection is nothing new, and other publishers typically ask viewers to disable ad blockers,” a spokesperson said at the time.

The YouTube Music and Premium services recently surpassed the 80 million subscriber mark, adding more than 30 million in a year, Variety reported.

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YouTube is looking into ad blockers and essentially threatening users who rely on ad blocking tools. The most popular crowdsourced video sharing platform is actively testing a “three strikes” policy to discourage viewers from installing and using extensions or ad blocking tools.

Youtube’s New Adblock Policy

Around the world, users who rely on ad blockers to watch videos on YouTube are being asked to turn off their ad blockers. Viewers are at risk and continued use of ad blockers may result in suspended access to the platform. Let’s take a look at the latest developments in the fight against ad blockers.

Ad blockers are generally very effective at removing ads from any website. However, by blocking ads, users essentially deprive websites of a valuable source of revenue.

YouTube has been very successful at blocking ad blockers because it has a very sophisticated content delivery platform. However, the platform struggles with ad blockers and users who rely on them for an ad-free video viewing experience.

YouTube recently launched a pilot program that detects ad blocking attempts and notifies users. The platform has now expanded the program to India and displays a pop-up informing users using ad blockers that “video player will be blocked after 3 videos.”

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“It appears you are using an ad blocker. This video will be blocked unless you whitelist YouTube or disable your ad blocker.”

“Ads make YouTube free and accessible to billions of people around the world. With YouTube Premium, you’re free from ads and creators still get paid through your subscription.”

When YouTube users receive this pop-up, they only have two options: turn off the ad blocker and allow ads, or subscribe to YouTube Premium to eliminate all ads.

YouTube has previously emphasized that the main purpose of the three strikes policy is to encourage viewers to allow advertising on the platform or to try YouTube Premium. In “extreme circumstances” playback displayed on the platform may be temporarily disabled.

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To put it simply, you can extend the viewing limit by 3 videos in a short period of time. The purpose of the program is not to punish, but to attract users to YouTube Premium.

Indians are among the biggest users of ad blockers. A report a few years ago showed that India ranks second in the use of web browser extensions, tools and other methods to block advertisements from websites.

By the way, YouTube Premium is very reasonably priced in India. It removes ads from subscribers and costs just Rs 39 per month for individuals, Rs 189 per month for families and Rs 79 per month for students.

For the latest tech news and gadget reviews, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and subscribe to our newsletter. Last year, YouTube forced the popular, ad-free Vance to shut down for legal reasons. Now, the giant is blocking some users’ videos unless they disable their ad blockers by displaying a message that says “Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube.” Luckily, despite YouTube’s anti-ad blocking message, you can still watch videos for free without ads. Here’s how to get around the “Ad blocking not allowed” error on YouTube.

Youtube Could Introduce Three Strikes Policy For Ad Blocking

YouTube has now started blocking users from viewing videos unless they disable their ad blockers. If it detects that you’re using an ad blocker to ignore ads, you’ll see the message “Ad blockers aren’t allowed on YouTube” and then:

You can turn off your ad blocker to continue watching videos with ads, or try YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience and support creators. Google does this to make up for the loss of revenue from users who watch it for free without subscribing to its services or paid ads.

Even though YouTube is tightening controls for those who prefer to watch videos without ads, there are still options that allow you to do so. Please continue reading.

Brave Browser has been promoting ad-free YouTube for a long time. Thankfully, this feature still works without any issues. You’ll need to add a script to Brave’s built-in ad blocking filter to ignore YouTube’s ad blocking rival’s request. This can be done as follows.

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You can use the same four lines of code in the uBlock Origin extension to avoid anti-adblock messages on the YouTube website. This can be done as follows.

5. Click Apply Changes to save. Method 3: Use Adblock Killer script in Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox

Many websites use anti-ad blockers to block ad blockers, and it appears YouTube is doing something similar. Therefore, if you see ad blocking messages while watching videos on your computer, you can try the ad blocking deletion script as shown below.

2. Once completed, visit this link and click “Install” to import the anti-adblocker kill script. You will only see this button if the Script Manager extension is installed in your browser.

Youtube Tests Disabling Videos For People Using Ad Blockers

The script supports AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin and AdGuard Blocker. Compatible browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

4. Next, visit this GitHub link. When you see a new tab that asks for the “User script wants to access a different source” permission, click “Allow.”


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