Google Tasks Tips And Tricks – Effective Task Management

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Google Tasks is a to-do list app — but with lists, subtasks, and mobile notifications, it has everything you need to keep track of your most important tasks. And if you currently do most of your work in Google Workspace using apps like Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google Docs, the streamlined interface makes it easy.

Google Tasks Tips And Tricks – Effective Task Management

The only downside: the app is kind of hidden. But once you see it, it’s easy sailing. In this article I’ll show you how to find Google Tasks — and how you can get the most out of them.

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I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t know that Google Workspace has a built-in task manager. Like Gmail’s Cancel Send button, it’s a hidden gem hidden within the confines of most Google desktop apps.

To access, simply click the Google Tasks icon in the sidebar of Gmail, Calendar, Chat, Drive, or a file in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. If the icon is missing, click the Show Sidebar icon, which looks like a left arrow, in the lower right corner of your app.

Tip: Check out this quick guide to learn how to find and add tasks within Google Calendar.

Need to track your work on the go? There are iOS and Android apps for that.

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Name your task, add relevant details, and set a deadline. Even if this is something you need to do regularly, you can click the reset icon. Then press Enter.

If you set a due date, the task will also populate your Google Calendar, which is useful if, like me, you make use of multiple reminders to complete tasks.

If the task doesn’t appear in your calendar, go to “My Calendars” in the left panel of Google Calendar and click “Tasks.”

Note: Not all jobs are created equal. Find out what works best for your calendar, not your to-do list.

How To Create And Assign Tasks In Google Chat Spaces

Do you need to modify a job? Simply click on the task on the side panel and start editing. Or click the task in Google Calendar and then click the Edit task icon, which looks like a pencil.

Note: Instructions for adding, editing, and organizing tasks in the Google Tasks mobile app vary depending on your device. To learn more, check out these guides: iOS and Android.

I’m a bit stubborn when it comes to responding to emails. (Yes, it’s really hard.) But that’s not how you act as an adult, so here I am, turning over a new leaf.

Although I can create Gmail labels to turn my inbox into a to-do list, I prefer adding Gmail emails that require a response or action as a to-do list to my Google To-Do list. Chance of losing work in the built-in directory). There are many ways to do this.

Popular Time Management Techniques And Tools

Tip: Use keyboard shortcuts for Google Tasks to manage your to-do list faster. You can also access this shortcut menu by tapping directly into the Google Tasks app.

By default, whatever method you use will fill in the email subject as the job name and add a link to the email for easy access. To add more details or specify a delivery date, click the job name to edit it.

You can then save emails to keep your inbox clutter-free. If you remove the referral email, it will still be associated with the job, but if the entire email is removed from the trash, you won’t be able to access it.

Let’s say you want to organize your to-do list. You can do this with just one click using three predefined sorting methods: Order, Date, and Recent Stars.

How To Use Todoist Effectively

To use one of these methods, click the options menu icon, which looks like three vertical dots.

In addition to job assistance. Choose your preferred sorting method and Google Tasks will organize your to-do list accordingly.

Note: If you sort by date, all tasks that do not have a specific date are grouped in the No date category.

If you prefer to rearrange your list manually, it’s very simple. Simply click and drag tasks in the order you want.

How To Craft A Better To Do List

If your task contains subtasks, the entire set of tasks is moved by default when you drag the parent task.

Do you want to turn a side job into your career? Click and drag the task to an empty space in the Google Tasks panel.

There is another way to organize your work: lists. To group tasks into separate lists, click the task options icon, which looks like three vertical dots (

), next to the action item. Choose from existing lists or click New List to create a new list.

How To Share Google Tasks And Increase Your Team’s Productivity

When you finish a task, click the completed check mark next to the task to remove it from your to-do list.

Need to review your completed work? Click “Done” at the bottom of your Google Tasks panel to see a complete list of all the tasks you’ve checked off your list.

) next to Add a task, and then click Delete all completed tasks. A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to permanently delete all completed tasks. Click Delete.

Even though Google Tasks is designed with the basic functionality you need to stay on top of your to-do list, that doesn’t mean that’s all it can do. When you link Google Tasks to it, you can do things like add new tasks from other apps, even ones that aren’t in Google Workspace. Learn how to automate Google Tasks.

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This article was originally published in November 2020 by Matthew Guay and also has contributions from Justin Bott. Last updated in July 2023.

Jessica Love Jessica Love is a content specialist in . Outside of writing, she enjoys petting her dog and providing unsolicited podcasts and book recommendations. In August, Google updated the Tasks app for Android and iOS with tabs that let you quickly navigate lists. The Google Tasks icon in the sidebar for Gmail, Docs, and other Workspace apps appears to have a similar refresh format, as well as the ability to set preferences.

Google’s blog post about productivity tips this morning included screenshots of the new Google Tasks web interface. The main difference is that all of your menus are displayed in the main feed, instead of the user only being able to see one menu at a time and having to manually switch between menus from the menu at the bottom of the top right. For the web, this is generally a better solution than using tables.

You have the ability to hide the contents of the list to focus only on relevant items. Additionally, instead of Add Task appearing at the top of this feed, this button appears next to each list name. You also get popular Add List shortcuts at the bottom and top.

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Meanwhile, when you swipe up in the interface, there’s a second tab that displays a summary of the work you’re interested in. This feature doesn’t work on the mobile app, and is probably Google’s way of making sure you don’t have to scroll through all the menus to find the most important functions.

As of today, the update menu for Google Tasks on the web has not yet been rolled out to the personal and Workspace accounts I’ve reviewed. It has not been announced yet.

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