How To Take A Screenshot On Android – Easy Tutorial

How To Take A Screenshot On Android – Easy Tutorial – Screenshots are a great way to record everything on your phone. Whether it’s a bug or something unusual, you’ve probably seen it online or in an app. When you take a screenshot, you can save it for later use or share it on social media. Now you have several ways to take screenshots on Android 12. A new feature in Android 12 is screenshot scrolling, a feature that other Android OEMs have made available through custom skins. Read on to learn how to take screenshots on Android 12.

Scrolling, scrolling or long screenshots are making their official debut thanks to Android 12. What are the benefits of scrolling or scrolling screenshots? Well, a lot. You no longer need to take multiple screenshots of the same thing. Instead, the screenshot captures the entire screen of the app or website until the end of the scrolling point is reached. Well, now there’s a new feature, let’s see how to take regular screenshots and scrolling screenshots on Android 12.

How To Take A Screenshot On Android – Easy Tutorial

Each time you take a screenshot, the screen will flicker slightly and you will hear the sound effects of the voice recording. Some devices will also display a notification that a screenshot has been taken. All of these images are stored in the Screenshots folder on your device and can be viewed through Google Photos for Android devices and the Gallery app for OEM Android devices.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Samsung Smartphone

The first, simple and easy way to take a screenshot is to press the power button and volume down button. When you take a screenshot like this, you will hear a recording sound and the screen will blink a little. Screenshots taken this way will capture everything that is active on the screen.

The next way to take a screenshot is the “Screenshot” shortcut in “Quick Settings”, “Recent Apps” or “Alerts”. The steps may be slightly different depending on the device you have.

If this option is in Quick Settings, first open the page you want to take a screenshot of, then tap the Screenshot option in Quick Settings. If your device supports three-finger gestures, swiping down on the screen with three fingers will take a screenshot on your Android 12 phone.

The third way to take a screenshot is to take a scrolling or scrolling screenshot. This is a new feature in Android 12 and will continue in future versions of Android. Here’s how to take scrolling screenshots on Android 12.

Different Tricks To Take Screenshot On Any Android Smartphone

This is a great way to take screenshots of an app that can manage screenshots. This means that you can use this method for applications where you cannot take a screenshot using any of the methods above. In this case, Google Assistant is a useful friend.

These are the four ways to take screenshots on Android 12 devices. There are many other ways, such as using third-party apps or taking screenshots with gestures like drawing letters on the screen. You can also enable tap back to take screenshots on Android 12 phones. Some phones have an option to take a screenshot when you press a button on your device. All these features are available in various Android OEM devices. And you no longer need root access to take screenshots.

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How To Take A Screenshot

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Android has a wide variety of phone options – the Samsung Galaxy S22, Motorola Edge and Google Pixel 6 all offer their own unique Android operating systems. Apart from the standard Android method of pressing the home and power buttons at the same time, they all offer their own unique way of taking a mobile screenshot.

Taking screenshots using Android can be difficult and sometimes frustrating, especially when you’re trying to capture a specific scene in motion, such as a video clip or a game. If you don’t pay attention to your buttons, you can accidentally turn off or restart your phone.

Read on for our full breakdown of the best ways to take screenshots on Android phones and screenshot shortcuts on Samsung, Google Pixel, and Motorola devices.

How To Quickly Take A Screenshot On Android By Tapping The Back Of Your Phone

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Almost all Android phones and tablets allow you to take a screenshot by pressing the volume down or power button. Press them at the same time – just briefly – and when you release, you’ll hear the camera shutter sound, your screen will flash, and you’ll see a screenshot thumbnail at the bottom of the screen.

If for some reason it doesn’t work, press the power button for a few seconds and tap on the screenshot when it appears on the screen.

You can quickly take a screenshot on the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Pixel 6 by pressing the volume down and power buttons. Sarah Tew

How To Take Screenshot On Google Pixel?

If you want to take a longer scrolling screenshot (only available on Android 12), take a screenshot as you normally would, but this time tap the two-arrow icon in the screenshot preview. It can also be labeled “Take more pictures”. Each time you click the two arrows, the screenshot will lengthen until it reaches the bottom of the page.

Time is also important. If you hold down the buttons too long or release them too quickly, you’re expecting your phone to do something, but nothing happens. Or worse, you might end up at the restart screen and not know how to get back (press the home button). If you’re having trouble activating the screenshot feature on your phone, take a few minutes and try these two methods. This will save you headaches in the future.

Swipe to take photos: To enable the palm swipe gesture, you need to go to Settings > Advanced features > Motion & alerts and toggle the palm swipe to capture button.

Position When this option is enabled, swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right to take a screenshot. This may seem a little strange at first, but it’s a more reliable method for those who struggle with timing keystroke combinations.

Every Way To Take A Screenshot On Android

Use your voice: As long as you’ve enabled Bixby Voice or Google Assistant, you can take screenshots using voice commands. Just say “Take a screenshot” and one of two assistants can capture your screen without using your keyboard.

S Pen: Pick up the S Pen and move to the screen you want to capture. To take a screenshot of the page you’re on, click the Air Commands menu icon > Screenshot. You can write and draw on screenshots with the S Pen. When finished, click the Save icon.

As long as you’re running Android 12, you can use a unique swipe gesture to take a screenshot on the Pixel 6. Just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold your finger on the screen for a moment. This will open the app drawer in storage where all your recently opened apps will appear. Click on Screenshot to record your screen.

You can also use Google Assistant to take screenshots on the Pixel using just your voice. No need to stop there. You can say “Hey Google, take a screenshot and send it to mom” to perform various actions with voice commands.

How To Take A Screenshot On Common Android Phones

Do you have a Motorola phone? Packed with special gestures like opening the camera and taking screenshots with a quick twist of your wrist.

You need to open the Moto app from the app drawer and activate it

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