How To Create Your Own Instafest Lineup – Music Festival Fun

How To Create Your Own Instafest Lineup – Music Festival Fun – If you missed out on this year’s festive season because the layouts didn’t go your way, don’t worry, now you can make your own. A new app called Instafest has been released that allows you to schedule your music festival based on what you listen to.

The free app – created by University of Southern California student Anshay Saboo – allows users to create a personal playlist based on the artists they listen to on Spotify. You can change your party themes based on the artists you’ve listened to the most in the last four weeks, six months, or all the time.

How To Create Your Own Instafest Lineup – Music Festival Fun

Users can also choose different festival styles, from options like Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, or Mojave Dusk. The app calculates ‘base scores’ based on your score – the lower the score, the higher the score.

How To Create Your Own ‘instafest’ Using Spotify

Instafest lets you create your own festivals based on the artists you listen to the most. (Photo: Men)

Once the drawing is made, you can also create your own festival name, with the option to show or hide your username and initial score. Creating your own festival schedule is easy, just log into your Spotify account via the Instafest app link here.

For those who don’t have a Spotify account, Instafest also lets you create playlists using your Last.fm account, and the developer is working to add support for Apple Music. In an interview with TechCrunch, he explained how he came up with the idea after thinking about artists to use at Coachella.

He said: “One day I was lying in bed browsing TikTok when I had an idea. I saw people posting Coachella videos and I started thinking about what the Coachella lineup would be like if we chose the artists.

Spotify Instafest: How To Make A The Festival Lineup From Your Top Artists

“That idea made me think of creating a music festival poster with Spotify integration, and I built it there.”

The app has caused a stir on social media, with many users taking to Twitter to express their likes or dislikes about the music. Sabu told TechCrunch that more than 5 million people have already created their own Instafest posts.

The launch of Instafest comes just days before Spotify launches its much-anticipated Cover, which showcases a year’s worth of individual listening to music and podcasts.

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What Is Spotify Instafest As Users Share Their Dream Festival Line Up

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Spotify Instafest: Here’s How To Make A Festival Lineup Poster Using Your Spotify

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How To Create The Festival Poster Of Your Dreams With Spotify

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‘It was like Christmas Eve’: Sunday chaos at Trafford Costco, with huge queues around Spotify in cash registers and car parks (it’s coming December, people!). But there’s a new challenge to having music on the scene: Spotify Instafest, or the opportunity to create your own festivals.

Here’s How To Create Your Own Viral Spotify Music Festival Lineup

The idea is simple. Instafest creates your own three-day festival – packed with 35 events – all based on your Spotify listening experience. I would buy tickets to this IRL…

Of course, people are quick to share their lists on Instagram – your Insta Stories feed is *probably* full of Taylor Swift-themed celebrations right now.

So how do you make your own Spotify Instafest schedule? Here’s what you need to do.

In fact, you don’t even need to download the Instafest app for this. Alternatively, you can access the Instafest program page here.

What Is Instafest? A Music Festival Generator Using Your Spotify Data For The Artists Streamlined For You

You can log into Spotify or Last FM if that’s your favorite platform. Logging in gives Instafest permission to access your music listening profile – and voilà! Your Instafest schedule has been created.

There you will find three roles and many other tasks. You’ll receive a ‘base score’, a rating from 0 to 100 based on how good your music is (lower means you listen to better artists, while higher ratings indicate more popular artists).

Well, you are happy with your list. But that’s not all! You can change your festival schedule to show slightly different results.

Go to the ‘Customize’ section and you can choose to have your list feature the best artists from the last four weeks, the last six months, or all time. Just switch between each one and see how your schedule changes (although we’d love to forget our obsession with the 2016 Glee Cast, thanks).

This App Will Create Your Dream Festival Lineup Using Your Spotify Data

There is also the matter of the name of your festival. Instafest automatically generates a name based on your Spotify username or FM last name. However, you can change it in the customization options if you want something more interesting.

When sharing on social media, there is also the option to show or hide your text on the image (depending on how you feel about it).

And that! You will be happy to share and post your festival schedule to the world. Have fun!

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How To Make Your Own Spotify Festival Line Up With Instafest

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What happened in Sex Education season 3? Love Island Game Wait, rumors are in, is Josephine Langford next? BA sells return flights to New York for £333 December 1, 11:15am IST Update: The Instafest website has started testing support for making festival posters with Apple Music.

If your favorite music playlist didn’t live up to your expectations this year, don’t worry; A new app called Instafest will create a music festival poster for you based on what Spotify listens to.

The free online app, created by developer Anshay Saboo, is easy to use: log in with your Spotify account and it will create a playlist based on the artists you listen to the most. You can change the picture based on time – four weeks ago, six months ago, always.

Spotify Instafest: Here’s How To Create Your Dream Festival Lineup

You can choose from a variety of backgrounds such as Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight and Mojave Dusk. The InstaFest app also calculates what it calls a “base score,” which can give you bragging rights for selecting the best songs. The lower the score, the better your music festival will be.

After creating the poster, you can choose to rename your music festival, hide/show your username, and hide/show your score. If you want to remove support for this app, you can follow this guide to remove access.

Sabu said he came up with the idea for the app after thinking about what the Coachella crowd would look like if the artists were selected.

“One day, when I was lying in bed reading Tik Tok, I had an idea. I have seen

How To Create Your Own ‘instafest’ Music ‘festival’ Lineup Using Your Spotify

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