Black Clover M Guide – Master The Magic

Black Clover M Guide – Master The Magic – Black Clover M is an upcoming anime RPG developed by Vic Game Studios and published by Garena. This is an officially licensed game that uses the Black Clover manga/anime IP (intellectual property). Players can collect and use all their favorite manga/anime characters like Yuno, Asta, Yami Sukehiro, Licht and more. It’s being developed by the same game studio that made Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, so we can already see a lot of similarities between the two games. Some of the similarities include the gacha system, various PvE and PvP game modes, and beautifully designed 3D action models of all characters. All characters also have beautiful full-screen animations and stunning particle effects for smooth movements. Players can download and install Black Clover Mobile as a free game from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store when it launches worldwide.

In this Black Clover M guide for beginners, we will explain all the main game systems, which will be great for any new player coming to the game. We believe that you can excel in any game if you just understand the basics of all the systems involved. Note that we will mainly focus on systems that are very important for a new player to understand before starting the game. Most of the information is compiled based on our personal experience playing Black Clover M on the Korean server. Some information is also taken from reputable sites such as Prydwen.gg and the official discord community server. Warning, since this is a beginner’s guide, we will try to keep the language very simple and friendly for new players.

Black Clover M Guide – Master The Magic

We recommend that players make up their own minds and refer to this guide as Black Clover M has not been released yet. There is always the possibility that there may be some last-minute changes to the global version of the game. Here are the various sub-topics covered in this guide:

Black Clover Mobile

Black Clover M is a gacha game where players can drag/drop different types of characters using different summon banners. Each character is further distinguished by their rarity. This is due to the fact that each rare has its own basic probability of calling from the gacha system. This is a standard type of game. The higher the rarity of a trait, the less likely it is to be summoned. The lower the rarity of a character, the more likely it is to be summoned. Over time, if you are a new player, you will get to know the system, and if you are a veteran of the genre, you already know it well. Also, Black Clover M does a good job of explaining the summoning mechanic in class.

The Black Clover M gacha system now offers both character and skill sheets. Spells have a 60% chance to be summoned, while skill rolls have a 40% chance to be summoned. These probabilities are further divided based on the rare individual differences found in the trait and skill sheets.

Black Clover M is home to many memorable banners. Here are the different challenge banners that new players will see when they open the challenge menu:

Summoning Banner – This summoning banner allows players to summon R-SSR characters and skill cards with a certain probability. This banner is most recommended as a first call when trying to get back into the game. In this banner, some SSR characters and SSR skill sheets have a higher chance of being summoned. Starlight Revelation is the summon currency used to create summons in this banner. There is a special discounted price of only 3000 Starlight Revenant compared to 6000 Starlight Revelation for 10 summons. This banner will disappear when players complete 20 quests on it. It is suitable for repeated rotation.

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Normal Summon Banner – In this summon banner, players can summon 1-3 star heroes. This summon banner usually shows a certain character as a level, which means that players have a chance to summon that particular character. Players are guaranteed to summon a 3-star hero, which will increase after completing 300 banner summons by exchanging their dust. Soul tickets are the summonable currency that is mainly used here. Players can purchase spirit tickets at events as part of introducing a new character. Don’t worry, you can also use Starlight Revelation to summon this banner. Each set of 10 invitations contains 10 soul tickets or 6000 Starlight Revelations.

Innovative Summoning Banner – This special summoning banner allows players to summon R-SSR characters and skill cards with a certain probability. This banner is given to all players who play. In this banner, players are guaranteed to summon at least 1 USSR Hero and 1 USSR skill card. The number of characters available is limited and not all SSR characters can be obtained from this banner. Players can make 20 free calls in a row, each call is 10 moves. This banner will disappear after completing 20 challenges. It is suitable for repeated rotation.

Black Crystal – A consumable used to summon characters on various summon posters. Players can earn Black Crystals by completing certain event tasks, achievements, or by purchasing them directly through microtransactions.

Kizuna Gacha Ticket – A resource used to summon characters on various summon posters. Players can earn this currency by completing various missions such as daily missions, pre-registration rewards and event missions. These tickets can also be purchased using Black Crystals by paying 1200 Black Crystals for 10 Kizuna Gacha Tickets.

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The combat mechanics of Black Clover M are very easy for veterans of the genre who have played similar turn-based games. They are not too difficult for new players, but they will definitely take some practice to master. First of all, regardless of game level, you need at least 4 characters to create a team. Each character can and should be equipped with a skill sheet to increase their power. The initial level is very easy, but the power level of the enemies gradually becomes ridiculous and requires you to think carefully.

Black Clover M uses a type/object system that is famous for making the game more strategic. This is the same system that has been used repeatedly since Pokemon. Each character is assigned a specific type/element. Each element is stronger/weaker against the other element. Some elements are also neutral to some elements.

As we can see from above, this is a classic case of bringing better elemental characters into fights to gain an advantage over enemies. Don’t worry, when you are in battle, you will see which enemies are good/bad against your character because the game highlights the elements. How big of an advantage can you claim? Here are the pros and cons of the main differences:

In Black Clover M, building a balanced team will be essential in fighting any enemy. It requires more strategy and tactics than brute force to attack enemies. While brute force may work early in the game, this strategy fails in higher level content as the enemies are much better than your characters. The key to winning battles is to recruit different types of heroes. A good team building suggestion is to bring 2 attackers, 1 defender and 1 support/healer. In some cases you can even bring 1 supporter, 1 healer, 1 attacker and 1 defender. Before starting any battle, you will be given a preview of the enemies that will come into battle. Creating a team with a character that has elemental advantages will be very useful.

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The combat mechanics are very simple. Each character can only act on their turn (some exceptions may be a passive special ability or character trait). Players can see this sequence of your allies and enemies on the right side of the battle screen. Each battle can have many waves of enemies and you have to defeat them all. The characters’ activity counter is located below their icon and is highlighted in yellow. The speed at which the action meter fills up depends on the individual speed of each character. The higher the speed, the faster the activity counter will fill up. The HP bar is indicated by a green bar above the activity meter bar. When it reaches 0, your character is defeated.

Black clover has a lot of M

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