How To Check Android Notification History – Quick Access

How To Check Android Notification History – Quick Access – Do you often accidentally dismiss messages and then have no idea what the message is? Well, there’s a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Android comes with a built-in history of your messages. That story has been off by default up until this point, but that’s not the case, at least not from what we’ve seen. In this article, we will show you how to view notification history on Android 12. If it doesn’t appear for some reason, we’ll show you how to change it. This is disabled by default on all Android 11 builds. As for Android 12, we’re not entirely sure, but our devices are running it, so you should be, too. Anyway, let’s get started.

Your notification history is turned on by default in Android 12, so checking it is simple. All you have to do is scroll down the unread messages. So, swipe from the top of the screen and hang at the bottom of the notifications. In the lower left corner, you will see a “History” button, click on it.

How To Check Android Notification History – Quick Access

Once you do this, your notification history will be revealed. Here you will see all rejected/read messages in chronological order (from latest).

How To View Your Notification History On Android

If you see “Manage” instead of “History” at the bottom of the messages, it means that your message history is not open. So, let’s show you how to activate it.

The first step is to swipe up on the home screen to access the app drawer. There, find the Settings app/menu and tap on it.

The first option is for you to select “Use Message History” under the “Message History” heading. You need to replace the switch and run the message history. It’s gone. From now on, your phone will remember every message you send.

This is also where you will be able to see all the messages. You can navigate here even if there are no messages, because if there are no unread messages, the History button will not be visible. Android’s notification history can come in handy when you realize you’ve done something important and can’t find it right now.

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Android’s notification history can be important and you can’t find it. How to find messages you’ve missed.

We all have dozens of apps installed on our smartphones. In turn, these apps send dozens of notifications (you can even get them on your Windows 10 device). You can ignore or delete most of them. However, there will be one case where you want to go back. Maybe it’s a deal you want to take advantage of or a contest you want to enter. Fortunately, accessing your notification history on Android is easy.

Please note that this feature is available on Android 11 and above. If you’re using an older version of Google’s mobile OS, you should be careful when checking your messages.

Before we get into that, we need to consider one more thing. You don’t need to be notified about all installed apps. You can always turn off the ones you don’t need to see by going to the apps and notifications in your phone’s settings. Your phone will not be disturbed frequently throughout the day. Its battery will thank you, too.

How To See Deleted Notifications On Android Smartphones

First, let’s see how to enable the notification history feature. Access apps and messages in Apps.

Once there, you’ll be shown which apps have recently been notified. Click on Notifications at the bottom of this screen as shown in the screenshot below.

We have reached the planned destination. At the top you will find a switch that allows you to turn the feature on or off.

This screen also allows you to scroll through the latest messages you’ve received, whether you’ve missed them or not. Maybe you forgot, missed, or cut something while you were busy. In any case, if it displays a message, you’ll find it here (if the feature is active).

Notification History Apk For Android Download

It should be noted that the result of clicking the message here is no different from the first time it appears. If the corresponding function or event is used in the application, it will behave as it originally did.

This screen also serves as a way to control which apps send you the most notifications. If you scroll down, you’ll be taken to the last 24 hours section, where you can see the apps in the order they sent notifications. If you click on one of them, you can customize the notifications to your liking. And maybe cut the ones you don’t need.

With that out of the way, let’s see what the fastest way to access the function is. At this point you will actually get the message. A white circle with a black border around the chevron. It says “click here to return to top of page”.

Two intersecting lines forming an “X”. This specifies how to close the interaction or reject the message.

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How to view old message history on Android using a feature on your Android device

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Have you ever cleared the notifications on your Android device to realize you missed something? Normally, you can’t go back to old messages after they’ve been deleted, but there’s a hidden feature called Notification History.

Android Notification Service · Github Topics · Github

To view your Android device’s message log, you need to access the widget, which is only available in developer mode.

Note that not all versions of Android have this widget, so if your device falls into this category, you’ll need to download a third-party app to view old messages.

Scroll down the settings menu bar to view this option. Chrissy Mantelli/Business Insider

The build number is a series of numbers and letters associated with the release version of your phone. Chrissy Mantelli/Business Insider

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5. A message will ask you how many times to click the “Generate Number” button to enter developer mode. When the message says you’re three steps away from being a creator, build number 3 to activate creator mode.

A popup shows the number of taps you need to tap to enter builder mode. Chrissy Mantelli/Business Insider

8. Touch an empty space on the home screen until the options menu with “Widgets” appears.

12. Open the Settings shortcut and swipe through the menu until you find the message log. Click on the magazine icon to add it to the home screen.

Notification History In Android Lets You Re Check Dismissed Notifications

13. Select the Message Log icon on the main screen to view a list of old and deleted messages.

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See: Trump still hasn’t won the election — here’s how other presidential candidates have fared. Have you turned down a message to understand something important? Android’s message history feature will save you next time.

Android apps send notifications all the time, some important and some useless. If we haven’t checked the phone in a while, the notification center can become a spam center. And in such cases we delete some important messages by mistake or unknowingly by clicking on clear all button.

How To See The Notification History On Android

Newer versions of Android (Android 11 and above) come with a handy feature called Message History. After activation, all new and deleted messages will remain in the history for 24 hours. So, you can go there and check your recent messages to get back to that critical message that you mistakenly rejected. Unfortunately, the feature is disabled by default; however, it only takes a few steps to activate it and save it the next time you encounter such a scenario.

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