Clear App Cache And Data On Android – Improve Performance

Clear App Cache And Data On Android – Improve Performance – Basically, if you’re having trouble with an Android app on your phone or tablet, You should be prompted to clear the cache or data. When you press the clear data button, you will be greeted with a message that your account and files will be deleted. This can shake anyone up and I would like to know what would happen if they cleared the data of any Android apps.

We will try to answer all your questions in this post. We’ll explain the consequences of deleting data for popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Google Play Store, Contacts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more.

Clear App Cache And Data On Android – Improve Performance

You will find clear cache and clear data options in the app data settings for each app. Here are the steps:

What, Why, When And How To Clear Cache On Android Devices?

Step 1: Open Settings on your phone and go to Apps or Installed Apps or Apps & Notifications.

Once the app is installed An app data directory will be created on the phone. The directory or folder contains account information. Customizing application settings and offline files

When you delete an app’s data or storage space Data associated with that app will be deleted. And when this happens Your app will behave like a newly installed app. You will need to sign in again. Grant necessary permissions Change notification settings and the like. This applies to all applications.

In other words Deleting data is equivalent to reinstalling the app. Think of clearing data as the combined process of uninstalling and reinstalling apps. Including downloading the app again. Because clearing data clears the app’s cache, some apps, like the Gallery app, will take a while to load.

How To Clear App Cache & Data

Clearing data will not remove app updates. When you open the app after clearing data You will see the latest version that was previously installed on your phone.

In the same way Clearing data won’t delete any of your accounts, only most apps will be logged out. For example, if you delete data for the Twitter app, your account will still be active. Just log in again. So make sure you know your account username and password before you hit the clear data button.

Clearing data is different from clearing app settings on Android because it clears data from specific apps in addition to clearing app settings. This is not the case with app settings reset. This basically resets all app settings to their original values.

Now that you know the basics of data cleaning, Let’s see what happens when you clear data from popular apps.

How To Clear App Cache And App Data On Your Android Device

Clearing Android Launcher data will remove any customizations. That’s what you do to your home screen, app drawer, and other features using this launcher. I use Nova Launcher and if I clear my data I had to set up everything from scratch, such as home screen, folders, gestures, skins, notification types, etc., as if I had already installed the Nova Weather app… on my phone for the first time.

You can save your customizations from the launcher by creating a backup from the launcher settings before deleting the launcher data. Clearing the data will not delete the backup files, however, we recommend that you save them to the cloud if the app allows you to do so.

The Google Play Store often annoys users due to issues such as waiting for downloads. white screen problem Wait for downloads, etc. At this time, clearing the data can be a godsend.

When you delete your Google Play Store data, your phone’s apps and app data will remain. Even your subscriptions will remain intact as they are linked to your Google account. Only your Play Store settings such as app download settings, themes, auto downloads, etc., as well as your Play Store search history will be reset.

How To Clear Cache On A Samsung S9

You won’t be signed out of the Play Store because you’re using your Google Account in Settings > Accounts. Deleting your data or Play Store data from other Google apps won’t delete or disassociate your Google Account.

Similarly, Google Play Services also has errors like not updating, Play Services has stopped working, etc. To fix it. You can delete their information. Deleting data from Play Services will not affect your personal data or any application-related data.

Talking about the Phone app, it manages history and contacts. Clearing data from the Phone app will not delete your call history or contacts. But apparently any customizations made in the app’s settings will be discarded.

In the same way Clearing data from the pre-installed Contacts app or third-party Contacts app will not affect your contacts: local and synced. However, we recommend that you back up your contacts. Locally and sync with Google or other backup services before deleting data to avoid unnecessary damage. In case you accidentally deleted your Google contacts. Learn how to recover deleted Google contacts.

How To Clear App Cache And Data On Samsung Galaxy S21

Even messages remain when you delete data from the Messages app on your phone. Only app settings such as notifications will be reset.

Similarly, clearing camera app data will only reset settings such as front camera image size, HDR, grid, etc. For the gallery app Only settings such as sort mode, theme, etc. will be changed. Photos and videos will not change. They will be removed by clearing data from any app.

Google Photos is a gallery app and photo storage tool. So clearing data or uninstalling the app won’t delete any of your photos or videos. After deleting the data, The application may take some time to rebuild the thumbnail database. So be patient.

Tip: If you want to free up space on your phone Use the free up space feature in Google Photos.

Google Play Store App: How To Clear Cache And Data

Once you delete your WhatsApp data, you will need to verify your WhatsApp account again. Just like you did when installing it on your phone. Make sure you have access to the same number registered in WhatsApp. Yes, your conversations will be deleted by clearing the data. However, you can restore WhatsApp messages from a local backup or Google Drive.

Things that are not affected by deleting WhatsApp data include your profile picture, privacy settings. Blocked contacts and backup data on the previous machine You will not be removed from your WhatsApp group. It will reappear when you register for WhatsApp but without the previous chat history. Downloaded media files such as images, videos, etc. can still be accessed through other supported applications such as Gallery.

Many users are worried that deleting data for the Instagram and Facebook apps will delete their accounts. However, this is not true. Your account in these apps will only be logged out if you delete your data. This is because the data of these social networking apps is stored in the cloud. Not on the phone The same goes for apps like Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Your activities or information such as photos, comments, posts, groups, messages, stories, etc. on these social networking sites will not be deleted. Even media downloaded to your phone from these apps can be used, for example, if you save your Instagram stories to your phone. You can still view that story in the gallery. After you delete your data Enter your account information again to see information for these apps.

How To Clear Cache On Android Phones

WhatsApp stores data only on your phone. (If you don’t have a backup.) However, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, and similar apps sync with cloud storage. Even if you delete the data or uninstall the app. Your messages or contacts will not be deleted.

However, you will be logged out. After you sign in again You will be able to view your messages. If you don’t want to log in You can access messages or emails from their website. All customizations made in the app such as themes, chat headers. Notification settings, etc. have been canceled.

Cloud storage service apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Save your files in the cloud. Therefore, deleting data from your Android phone will not delete files related to these services. The application will be logged out after data is deleted. Logging back in will restore the files.

You probably already know that clearing your YouTube app data won’t delete your account or published videos. It doesn’t affect your playlists, watch history, and searches. It’s linked to your Google account. However, any offline videos you download will be removed along with any customization settings made in the app, such as autoplay. Download settings and more

How To Clear App Cache On An Android Tablet In 5 Steps

Don’t worry, clearing data from any shopping app. Will not cancel your order or delete your wish list. Of course, you will be logged out. But logging back in will restore the order. Your previous purchases, payments, and other information

The cache contains temporary data for your application. This is so that information can be quickly accessed when the application needs it later without having to download it again. For example, when you open Facebook, your phone saves the information you see, such as your profile picture, photos, etc.

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