Google My Activity – How To Use And Understand

Google My Activity – How To Use And Understand – While there are plenty of first-time apps for Android and iOS, there are few day-to-day features available on Google’s sites. The Google My Activity page is the newest page with a dark theme.

Google records how you use its apps and services. Launched in 2016, “My Work” allows you to “view and delete your work using the controls on this page.”

Google My Activity – How To Use And Understand

Saved activity helps Google make its services more useful, such as helping you find things you’ve searched for, read, or watched.

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Organized as a reverse chronological list in “Pipeline” and “Item View”, creating a very long list, can be shortened by date/product filters. The search is also powerful, clicking on a record will provide more information about the interaction. At the top of this page, Google displays three settings to turn on/off, each showing different options: Web & App Activity, Location, and YouTube History.

Since there is a long list that users may spend some time scrolling through, the site is a good candidate for a dark theme. My work uses a dark gray Google background with edited graphics and icons. This night mode is applied automatically and follows system settings on Android and iOS devices, as well as on desktop platforms such as macOS and Windows. This has changed in recent weeks. However, user comments require an update to the page before they become valid.

Google hasn’t updated the My Account page, it has the same theme and looks the same. This dark theme joins the Google Keep theme, Support theme, and to a lesser extent, the dark “theme” available in Gmail and the new tab page in Chrome. Meanwhile, since the end of last year, Google’s desktop search engine has been in the A/B testing phase.

It is best to download Night Mode on YouTube and from the home page, Music (default) and TV shows with this type of options.

What Will Google’s My Activity Feature Mean For You And Your Business?

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Actually – everything. Especially if you use multiple Google products, such as Android, Gmail, Drive, Google Maps, or YouTube. Or, you know, Google search.

But there is good news. Google has introduced a new data dashboard called My Activity Page, where you can see all the data Google has collected about you for most of the last two years. Every website you visit, every image you see, every search term you type into a Google search box.

This is terrible. But it’s also very useful because with the amount of data Google stores about you, knowledge is power. From your My Activity page, you can not only see what Google is tracking, but you can also take steps to delete your data and prevent it from being collected in the future.

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On your My Work page, you can see all the key information Google has collected about you over the years. You can find this page by going to myactivity.google.com (you must be logged in to your account). On the My Activity page, you’ll see activities from a variety of Google products, including Search, Image Search, Maps, Play, Shopping, YouTube, and even Help – that’s true, even if you visit the Google Help page, Google records your visits.

By default, the My Activity page is displayed as a timeline and data is collected daily. You can list every single item in the list by clicking the menu button (three lines) in the upper left corner and going to Item View.

You’ll see three vertical dots next to each work package or item. Click these dots to view item details (including the exact time the activity was recorded and the Google product used) or to remove an individual item.

Google’s Online History tool now points to the My Activity page, so there’s no difference. However, the main difference between My Activity and the previous Online History tool is that My Activity shows activity across Google products rather than Search, Image Search, and Video Search.

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Google uses your data in two main ways: to improve its services for the general public (for example, by using your mobile phone’s location data to provide information about current traffic patterns) and to offer personalization of your experience (for example, auto-complete searches). You can find more information about how Google uses your data on the Privacy page.

NO. The My Work page contains data from various Google products, but not all of them. However, you can find other data collected by Google by going to your My Activity page and clicking the menu icon in the upper left corner and navigating to other Google activities. This page will take you to other Google trackers like Google Maps location history (if you have an Android phone with GPS, surprise); information such as contacts, calendars and apps from your devices; Audio search in Google Play history; and some YouTube videos you clicked as “Unwanted”.

Good news: you can delete everything from your My Work page. Because Google uses your data to customize Google services, you may notice a reduction in the effectiveness of some Google services if you delete a significant portion of your activity.

You can do it! On the My Work page, click the menu button (three bars) and click Delete Task. Under Delete by date, click the date and select Always from the drop-down list. Then click Delete.

What Is Google’s Web & App Activity Reminder?

Google likes to provide certain privacy settings on your My Work page. Click the menu icon in the top left corner and click Activity Control to see what types of activities Google allows you to track.

You’ll find sections for Web & App Activity, Location History, Device Information, Voice & Audio Activity, YouTube Search History, and YouTube Watch History. Next to each module you will find a switch that you can turn off to prevent Google from recording this type of activity. You can also click Manage Activity to go to the product’s activity page.

You can check Google and read our article on other ways to prevent Google from tracking you.

Of course, the best way to prevent Google from recording data about you is to stop using Google services. Google can now password protect your Google My Account page so that other people using your device can’t see it. Your business on the Internet.

How To Delete Or Turn Off ‘my Activity’ In Your Google Account

When you use Google services such as Google Search, Gmail, Google News, Play Store, Maps and YouTube, the company records your activities on these services.

This process is used to adapt services and advertising to your needs or to improve products.

Users of Google services can view collected activity by visiting the “My Activity” page, which lists your recent activities and allows you to delete stored data.

If you share a device or leave your computer unlocked and are concerned that someone might see what you’re looking for, Google has added a password-protected feature to this page.

Everything You Need To Know About Google’s My Activity Page

As first reported by Android Police, once enabled, instead of automatically allowing Google Account users to view tracked data, it will prompt you for your password before allowing access.

To password protect My Work and prevent others from viewing your work, you can enable the new My Work authentication feature by following the steps below.

Now that My Work is password protected, no one can see your search and browsing activity without knowing your password.

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Google has been bombarding users with new updates lately, such as the password protection update found in the “my activities” usage history.

After I/O 2021, we saw Google moving towards changes in terms of privacy and security. The Google My Work page allows you to verify your password before displaying all account interactions and usage, which is great considering many users share accounts.

If you are

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