Check Android Notification History – Handy Feature

Check Android Notification History – Handy Feature – A white circle with a black border surrounds the upward-facing strip. It says “click here to return to the top of the page”.

Two dashed lines form an “X”. Shows how to close interactions or dismiss notifications.

Check Android Notification History – Handy Feature

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How To View Your Notification History On Android

How to view old notification logs on Android by enabling the feature on your device

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Have you cleared the notifications on your Android device to see if something is missing? Normally, you can’t go back to old notifications after you delete them, but there’s a way around that with a hidden feature called Notification Log.

To view the notification log, you need to access the widget on your Android device, which is only available in Developer mode.

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Note that not all Android versions have this mode, so if your device falls into this category, you’ll need to download a third-party app to view old notifications.

Scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu to see the options. Chrissy Monteli/Business Insider

The build number is a string of numbers and letters associated with the phone’s release version. Chrissy Monteli/Business Insider

5. A message will tell you how many times you need to click the Build Number to enter developer mode. If the message says you’re three steps away from becoming a developer, tap Build Number three more times to enable Developer Mode.

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If you tap multiple times, the number of taps to enter developer mode will be displayed in a popup message. Chrissy Monteli/Business Insider

8. Touch and hold an empty space on the home screen until a list of options with Widgets appears.

12. Open the Settings shortcut widget and swipe through the menu until you find the Notifications log. Tap to add an icon to the log home screen.

13. To view a list of old and deleted notifications, select the Notification Log icon on the Home screen.

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See: Trump has yet to lose an election. Here’s how other presidential candidates bowed out well in the past Whether you love them or hate them, notifications are a big part of your smartphone. Whether you’re notified of a new email, a new text, or a new update to your favorite app, it’s important to know how to view your phone’s notification history in case you need to call it back. Here’s a quick overview of where you can find your notification history, whether on Android or iPhone.

You can see the latest notifications on the lock screen. You can enable notification history for removed or deleted items in Settings > Notifications > Notification history on Android. From now on, when you swipe down on a notification, tap History in the top left corner of the screen to see old notifications.

The exact location and layout of the screen may vary slightly depending on the Android model and version. The following was taken on a Google Pixel 4 running Android. Mileage may vary if you have other devices.

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From there, App Settings control the type of notifications you receive from each app. Notification history provides old history that you may have hastily discarded before.

However, turning this on won’t magically show old notifications. Your permission is only applied to future notifications.

If Notification History is enabled, a new History button will appear on the screen when you swipe down. Tapping it will bring up the notification history screen where you can see all your old deleted notifications.

All iPhone notifications are collected in an area called Notification Center. There are two ways to access Notification Center:

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The first is to leave the phone locked and see notifications on the lock screen.

To do this, go to Settings -> Notifications and set each app to display notifications on the lock screen. Also make sure Notification Center next to it is checked.

However, only the most recent notifications are displayed on the lock screen. To view notifications from the past day or two, you must be properly logged in to the Notification Center. To do this, from the home screen, swipe down from the center of the screen. On any other screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.

If you want your iPhone to light up when you receive a notification, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Sound & Picture. Turn on the LED flash for alerts. On Android, go to Settings->Accessibility->Listening. Tap Flash Notifications and then enable the feature.

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Notification aggregation is when your phone takes all the notifications from one app and aggregates them to make the screen look nicer. To read them, tap one above and they will all appear on the screen. Tap it again to put it back.

This could be because you have a notification that needs to play a sound when the notification arrives, but you also haven’t set up a banner ad. Check your app settings.

To change the notification sound on an Android phone, see our article on the subject. We have a tutorial on how to change notification sounds on iPhone.

A rich notification is a notification sent to a user’s device using a multimedia application, such as an animated GIF, video, image or sound.

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No, if the phone is off, you don’t answer the call, so it won’t record missed calls. The only way to know if someone has called you is to leave a voicemail. Have you ever felt a little happy and ended up deleting some notifications that may or may not be important? How do you return it? Luckily, a little feature called Notification History exists on Android Pixels, Samsung devices, and OnePlus phones, and it’s made just for this scenario. Here’s how it works.

When enabled, Android’s notification history will save the latest notifications even after you dismiss them. When you swipe a notification, it goes directly to the Notification History tab where you can easily find it.

You reject it. On the notification history page, you can’t see past and current notifications anywhere, only the past. Regardless, it’s a very useful tool, especially if you get carried away and draw it too many times.

As mentioned, once you swipe a notification, it will be sent to your Notification History page. From then on, he will stay there for 24 hours. After a period of 24 hours, the notification is permanently deleted. Most of the time, you don’t need to remember notifications that are more than a day old. If you need more, there are apps that store notifications for up to 30 days, for example

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Notification history is one of the important features of the device, be it Android Pixel, One UI on Samsung Galaxy phones or OxygenOS on OnePlus. Overall, the process is very similar, so if you know how to find the Notification History page on one device, you may be able to find it on another. So we walk you through the process on Google Pixel Android 12, Samsung One UI 4 and OnePlus OxygenOS 12.

The notification will appear on this device once and only after enabling the setting. Notifications are also displayed in recent order, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Tapping a dismissed notification on the Notification History page will take you to the app that originally sent it, just like a new notification.

You can easily find this page after authorization. After switching, a “History” button will appear in the notification area. Use this button to access all recently dismissed notifications. If you have no notifications, you can still access the Notification History shortcut by clicking No Notifications.

Once it’s set up and working properly, you can look back at your recently dismissed notification history on Pixel, Samsung and

How To See Old Notifications On An Android Device

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