Balancing Work And Family Life

Balancing Work And Family Life – Due to the pandemic, many across the country are struggling to maintain their work-life balance. Workplaces are remote in whole or in part, children are home from school, businesses are closed, public events and gatherings are banned or canceled.

You can still take steps to balance your responsibilities. Here’s how the pandemic will change work-life balance in the long run and some tips to help you manage these challenges.

Balancing Work And Family Life

The phrase “work-life balance” has been a business buzzword for years, and the idea is that employees should avoid letting their careers overtake them. This is part of the conversation about balancing hobbies with family and home responsibilities, mental health, fitness and career.

How To Balance Work And Family Life In Today’s World

COVID-19 has changed what a good work-life balance looks like. Schools and daycares have closed or gone online, leaving parents to care for their children. Employees are now working from home and it is more challenging to distinguish work life from home life. Kitchen tables have become workplaces, and zoom calls can be interrupted by pets, deliveries and frequent visits from family members.

Work-life balance has never been more challenging. The worst part is that no one knows when things will return to “normal”. Employees, parents, families, educators and business owners are working on redefining the balance between work and their personal lives.

As many workplaces have already shifted to remote work, some of the changes will be permanent. New communication technologies will continue to be used for convenience, and businesses will look for new ways to increase flexibility for their employees and save money in a remote work environment.

Many are facing not only the above challenges, but also illness, losing friends and family members to the coronavirus, or new responsibilities to care for loved ones. Mental health is often at the forefront of conversations surrounding the epidemic. People go through rapid, drastic changes that can trigger anxiety and stress.

Work Life Balance Takes Center Stage In October’s National Work And Family Month

Hence, mental health will be an even bigger consideration for proper work-life balance in the future. There is a renewed public respect for parents to deal with these issues, another concept unlikely to change once the pandemic is over.

Despite the challenges, it is possible to stay healthy and positive. Here are some ways to improve your work-life balance while managing the new remote pandemic environment.

While it’s generally okay to go outside for a run or bike ride, you may want to keep some items indoors, especially as the months get colder. Invest in a yoga mat to exercise at home or find cardio-heavy workout videos on YouTube. There are simple stretches and exercises you can do in a short amount of time that will help you stay fit and keep you moving, which can be a big challenge when you work all day.

Because separating home and work life is harder than ever, come up with boundaries and stick to them. For example, make it clear to family members that you don’t eat lunch or dinner at work, or that you can’t do chores or errands during your work hours.

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Another challenge is maintaining social outlets. Recommend to your co-workers that you get together for Zoom Happy Hour on Friday. Plan weekend virtual hangouts with friends and other family members, or if you’re in your comfort zone, grab coffee outside in a social space. Talk on the phone instead of texting. These small steps can help maintain a somewhat “normal” social life.

When the workday is over, stop and force yourself to disconnect. Don’t check your email from bed or try to start work the next day. It’s important to take a break from work and do things you love. Turn off your computer or cell phone notifications for a while so you’re not tempted to respond.

Keeping your sanity requires some agility. After work, watch something funny or read something funny. Spend some time playing with your kids or your pets. Find your inner child and you can actually smile, laugh and enjoy yourself. These opportunities are even more important if you are constantly reading negative news or sitting at your computer.

These tips lead to the final point: focus on your mental health. While exercising, setting boundaries and laughing can help you de-stress, and remember that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed. Consider speaking with a professional therapist over the phone or via video conference. Talking to someone other than your cat or partner can help you gain perspective and figure out how you can continue to improve.

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Easy To Implement Tips To Help You Balance Work & Family Life

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Three Myths Of Balancing Work And Family Life

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Struggling With Work Life Balance? Try Work Life Integration

Go to Why Balancing Family and Work Is So Important 6 Ways to Balance Family and Final Thoughts for Employees and Employers What does “balance” look like? When I think of balance, I think of walking straight ahead, one in front of the other. Sometimes, the image of riding a bike comes to mind. Your weight is evenly distributed on both sides. No matter what foot — or pedal — is next, you feel confident moving forward. For me – and many others – work/life balance looks like all or nothing. Instead of feeling like things are on either side, it feels like you’re always in danger of falling. When you feel that imbalance, you don’t always have the confidence to move forward. The term “work/life balance” gets thrown around a lot, but it does more harm than good. If you ask most working professionals, they won’t say work-life “balance” on any given day. Thinking of “balance” as a measure of success often leads to a sense of failure. Work, and life, is so consuming that it bounces around. When you focus too much on balance in a day — or a week — you can actually get frustrated, irritated, or upset. The key isn’t really “balance”, it’s coordination. Successful work/family integration is a long game—a week, a month, a career. If you have elderly parents who need help, a sick spouse, young children, or other demands at home, they (rightly) need your attention. Sometimes work projects and deadlines demand more of your attention. Balancing the day’s work demands and life demands (with compassion and flexibility) means learning to reprioritize—sometimes on a daily or hourly basis. Caregiving and Working from Home For working parents and caregivers, working from home is a mixed bag. In many ways, people found themselves more capable

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