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All the staff who helped us were amazing.u00a0 One of the ladies who helped my dad and a nurse helped my mom who passed away in 2006. I saw her again.u00a0 I’m glad you were able to help my dad. u00a0 I appreciate everything the hospice has done to help my family.u00a0 You have an amazing team of people to help. , understanding, and caring.u00a0 Thank you very much.

Parenting Support Groups

I have wonderful nurses u2013 all of them.u00a0 Hannah on the third floor touched my heart.u00a0 They are all ANGELS.

Why Are Prenatal And Postpartum Support Groups Important

I was well taken care of and respected.u00a0 WONDERFUL NURSE u2013 especially in the SICU.u00a0 I was sick and scared and they really helped me relax and feel better. believe me I’ve experienced it.

I was amazed at how beautiful the nurses were.u00a0 From the ED, to the ICU, to the third floor, they were all amazing!u00a0 I loved each and every one of them and I am so grateful for their care.

I had a male nurse named Guy Goodness and he was just amazing.u00a0 He is very caring and listens to my needs.u00a0 He made a joke while walking with me and my neighbor, (who let me in) and it made me feel so excited.u00a0 He joked. he gave me a warm blanket when I said I was cold.u00a0 He deserves a gold star for taking care of me.

The staff at Cardiac Rehab is extremely dedicated, committed, and passionate about each patient’s full recovery from heart surgery.u00a0 For that attitude, I will always be grateful.

It Takes A Village

Not only was the Cardiac Rehab program good for my health, but also u2018emotional.u2019u00a0 The skills and expertise of that staff exceeded expectations.u00a0 Knowledge and help was always available. .

Great Job Gerrie & Tiffany!! Tech was great at explaining what the test was and how to do it.

Jeremy is kind and comforting. Angel is so sweet. He went to the cafeteria when I was drunk and got some water. He brought me a phone charger because he said my phone was dead, it’s great guys.

My wife needs an X-ray of her leg. The x-ray staff is also very nice and polite. It was also done quickly.

Parent/caregiver Focused Support Group

Good Job Rebecca, Cameron, and Tiffany Daniel!! The radiology staff was very nice and took good care of me.

Good Job Rebecca and Cameron!! The man and woman who x-rayed my children’s arms were amazing. They were very caring and helpful in trying to calm my 19 month old.

The anesthesiologist made me less anxious – we talked about football when I fell asleep. Nurses are great too!Letter to Parents 2023 Letter to Parents 2022 Letter to Parents 2021 Letter to Parents 2020 Letter to Parents 2019

The Parent Support Group (PSG) consists of dedicated parents who play an active role in supporting and participating in school activities organized by students and their parents. We strive to foster a sense of community within the NorthLight School family (). We aim to improve communication and support between students and their parents through our activities.

The Parenting Support Groups (psg) Symposium

I am the proud mother of twins, Mikhail and Israfil who are in their second year at Northlight School (). Both my sons struggled to keep up with their studies in their elementary school and as far as I can remember, their test scores were always below average. As a result, they all failed miserably in their PSLE ​​and enrolled in the.

In their first year at , I was very worried if they would continue to struggle in their studies and how they would cope with the new demands of the new school environment. There were many questions in my mind when the twins started their lives. They had to endure my daily questioning; during their school day, their teachers are helpful and patient with them and it is important for them to cope with school studies. To my pleasant surprise, their answers were always positive! The changes they made in elementary school are amazing! Where I used to drag them to get up to go to school, now they clearly always look forward to going to school and always explain their daily school routine to me.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the teachers of Mikhail and Israfil Mrs. Theresa and Mr. Ramesh for the work they did with my children and the class as a whole. Mrs. is always available. Theresa to attend to any of my requests and let me know how the twins are doing at school. Mr Ramesh was always strong in building relationships in the class and never failed to keep an eye on my children at all times. For that, I am very grateful.

When the results of the first year of the twins were released, I cried. For the first time in their school years they registered to pass all their subjects. Despite my initial disbelief, I made amazing results possible by instilling a love of learning in my sons and helping to build their confidence and self-esteem. The icing on the cake was when the twins received scholarship awards for outstanding academic performance in their first year at the!

Free Parent Caregiver Support — Have Dreams

I am very grateful to all the teachers who have helped and encouraged my boys on their journey so far. The school lives up to its motto of “NEVER QUIT” in helping all its students. My children are proof that teachers will truly go the extra mile to help any student in their care and build their future by instilling good character and providing a life-enhancing education. Their efforts have created hope for their students where there would have been none and I’m sure there are many believing parents out there. Good job teachers!

For the future, I hope that my sons will achieve their goals in life and continue their journey in ITE and enroll in courses of their choice after graduation. I know my children will never forget their time and what the school did for them. Thank you!

Aide’s foundation in Mathematics was weak when he was in Primary School. He was faced with many problems and problems in Mathematics with formulas which proved to be a difficult area because he could not understand or think about the idea of ​​using them in solving problems. The problems he faced in Math made him depressed and disliked by all the students.

Following his enrollment at Northlight School (), Aide did not show immediate progress at first. However as she progressed through the school years, it became clear that Aide was gradually enjoying school.

Child Abuse Prevention

Madam Rafiah said it is for schools to create jobs that are more professional or hands-on in nature where the Aide can explore and experiment and achieve certain success. As a natural progression of her interests, Aide applied and was accepted into Mechanical Services in her senior year at Northlight School where she continued to excel. Madam Rafiah saw renewed confidence and growth in her son as Aide became more independent and more directed in school matters.

As Aide is about to finish her studies, Madam Rafiah credits the school with developing Aide to become an independent and mature person. She hopes that she can continue to ride the wave of self-confidence and independence and pursue her dreams for the future.

When Calista was in Primary, she was diagnosed with learning disabilities. Despite his efforts in PSLE, he pursued English and Science but Maths was to prove a challenge for him. As a result, Calista enrolled at Northlight School for the 2018 academic year.

During her early years in the Roman Church, Calista developed her confidence and overcame her shyness and through her experience in the Red Cross Co-Curricular Activity helped to strengthen her natural desire and spirit of generosity to help and serve those around him. Calista has recently gained confidence and gets along well with her teachers and classmates and as her 2019 form teacher said: “Calista is a self-motivated student who responds well to feedback. She is enthusiastic and takes steps to improve herself. She is reliable and helpful, capable of multitasking and low maintenance. In recognition of her heart for work and her proven ability as a responsible student, Calista is

Keep Standard Parent Support Group (4 12 Year Olds)

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