Parenting Through The Toddler Years

Parenting Through The Toddler Years – The first three years of life are when your baby’s brain develops the most. In these early years, parents have a profound opportunity to nurture their child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development through connected and responsible parenting. This workshop is designed to help parents of young children with an overview of their child’s rapidly developing brain, an overview of typical developmental milestones, and guidelines for setting developmentally appropriate expectations (“When will my child be old enough to know how to share her toys?” “Why does my daughter run away when I tell her to sit down?” ?”). We will use evidence-based positive discipline strategies to deal with challenging infant behaviors and set appropriate boundaries, while maintaining a strong bond with your child throughout the child’s life.

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Parenting Through The Toddler Years

If you want to continue learning more about these strategies, we have a 5-week in-depth series following this workshop. If you miss one or more lessons, don’t worry. You can join at any time and receive a recorded replay for others. More information about the series here.

Preparation For The Toddler Years Workbook (200 205)

Also check out our 5-week series on virtual parenting in the toddler years and the popular Play n’ Learn playgroup (playgroup will continue post-Covid).

“Your positive parenting tips are amazing! We cry less and get angry less thanks to our newly honed skills. Thank you very much and we hope to join you again soon!”

Email us at kelam@ if you’d like to learn about sliding scale learning for our parenting series, mommy groups, and playgroups. We are happy to support parents who are in a situation where the cost of these courses may be prohibitive.

Full refund within 30 days or more (minus 20% transaction fee) Less than 14 days prior to class A 40% refund will be issued If the participant cannot find a replacement at their location Less than 7 days Participants will receive a refund that is responsible for the class /for the full amount of the set of books, unless they can find a replacement participant to fill the space. Downloads available here include worksheets, guides, and posters that will be helpful in implementing the principles learned in the parenting videos. These resources come directly from the course materials or from experienced leaders from around the world. Classroom leaders will find these tools useful in supporting educational experiences while promoting learning.

The Jake Chronicles, By Heather Fallon By Heather Fallon — Kickstarter

Downloadable email templates for both the flipped classroom and the home classroom are available for the convenience of our classroom leaders. These visit-specific email templates allow leaders to edit and personalize information to meet specific class needs or to notify class members of upcoming events.

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Toddler Parenting Plans & Custody Schedules: What Is Best? (1.5 3 Yrs)

A leader’s guide is available to help you facilitate your class. They meet for new or experienced leaders. Specific course instructions include:

An introductory guide explains how to use individual textbooks and offers suggestions for leading a successful class. The toddler years are a time of rapid growth and change. As babies gain new abilities and begin to desire more independence, they may also exhibit challenging behaviors—such as tantrums, uncooperativeness, hitting, and biting—that can be confusing.

In this five-week series, parents have the opportunity to share more about their special child, ask questions, and practice evidence-based positive discipline techniques with other parents of infants.

Please note that your Introductory Parenting Course (or Child Transitions Course) is a prerequisite for the 5-week course series. If you were unable to attend any of these classes prior to the start of this series, please let us know and we will work with you!

Major Ways Babies Change When They Become Toddlers

Learn new (or refine) strategies for dealing with difficult baby behaviors, bonding with your baby, sleep training, potty training, and learning some sensory and art activities are great alternatives to screen time!

This five-week series covers potty training, infant sleep, and lots of positive discipline strategies for toddlers. If you’ve always wanted to take a course but haven’t found the time, now could be your golden opportunity!

Week 1: Introduction – An overview of your child’s rapidly developing brain, an overview of typical developmental milestones, and instructions for setting developmentally appropriate expectations.

Week 3: Strategies to Cope with Challenging Behavior – Current Strategies, Zero Alternatives, Achieving Cooperation, Switching.

Is There A Sweet Spot Stage Of Parenting?

You can join in person or via Zoom (audio recording will also be available if you miss class).

Register here to receive a recording of the 5-week series if you can’t attend a live session. The audio will be broadcast every five weeks, once a week, starting from the beginning! Entries are available within two weeks of delivery.

If you haven’t attended our introductory class for this series, we also offer pre-recorded audio for this workshop, register here to receive the introductory audio file for toddlers, this will be available within two weeks of purchase. Note that if you purchase this series, you will receive a free introductory workshop!

Please email us at info@ if you have any further questions. Note: We have difficulty responding to Hotmail email addresses that are undeliverable or spam.

Ways Toddlers Show Their Love

“I took Rebecca Walsh’s parenting class for 18-36 month olds. It was invaluable and I learned a lot. I appreciated understanding what was going on in my son’s developing brain and learning different strategies—both prevention and response. I have seen a change in our relationship when we use these strategies at home. I highly recommend this class to any parent/caregiver of a young child. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Email us at kelam@ if you’d like to learn about sliding scale learning for our parenting series, mommy groups, and playgroups. We are happy to support parents who are in a situation where the cost of these courses may be prohibitive.

Full refund 30 days or more (minus 20% transaction fee), less than 14 days before class, 40% refund will be issued, unless the participant finds someone to take their place in less than 7 days, the participant will be responsible refund. The full amount of the class/course price, unless they can find a replacement participant to take their place.

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