How To Get Into Priority Pass Lounge Before Your Flight

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The credit card offers airport lounge access to cardholders with a free Priority Pass™ membership. This program gives members access to a network of airport facilities worldwide.

How To Get Into Priority Pass Lounge Before Your Flight

Some airline credit cards also offer access to their airport lounges, among other perks. Most cards that offer airport lounge access have an annual fee. You can access it as a perk of the credit card itself or after participating in an airline loyalty program.

Stunning Airport Lounges Around The World You Can Access With Priority Pass

With a Sapphire Reserve credit card, major cardholders and authorized users can activate free Priority Pass Select membership. After that, they will be able to access airport lounges with up to 2 guests at no additional cost. More than 2 guests can join, but each guest beyond the second costs a fee that is collected after the visit is reported to Priority Pass.

This is a one-time activation, after which all Sapphire Reserve cardholders can take advantage of their memberships.

The Priority Pass app and website have a lounge finder to help you locate participating lounges and restaurants. These resources will also show details about locations and may show other Priority Pass benefits, such as discounts or credits for certain merchants at an airport.

Shortly after activation, your Priority Pass membership card is mailed to you and your digital membership card will be available in the Priority Pass app. To access a program network lounge, you will need your Priority Pass membership card, boarding pass and valid identification.

New Priority Pass Lounge Opens At Hong Kong

Priority Pass membership is not a benefit of the Sapphire Preferred card. However, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring Priority Pass memberships, which start at $99. The Sapphire Preferred card offers premium travel and dining rewards.

You can access the airport lounge with a credit card, and cards that offer this benefit often have an annual fee. If you have a Sapphire Reserve credit card, you can activate a free Priority Pass Select membership. This way, you and up to 2 guests will have access to Priority Pass network airport lounges. Membership is not included with the Sapphire Preferred Credit Card, a travel credit card with other valuable benefits you can enjoy.

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Are Priority Pass Lounges Crowded?

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‘s website and/or mobile terms, privacy and security policies do not apply to the site or application you are about to visit. Please review their terms, privacy and security policies to see how they apply to you. is not responsible for (and does not provide) any products, services, or content on this third-party site or application, except for the products and services explicitly named. Priority Pass is a program that provides access to airport lounges and business suites and gives you credits that you can use at airport restaurants. Although you can buy a membership to the program, most people in the US have a Priority Pass Select card from a credit card that provides membership as a perk. That’s where things get interesting. Although lounges may limit access to the club due to capacity issues, the cardholder will enter by showing their Priority Pass card (or a digital card if available). If you want to bring a guest, each card has rules that are worded slightly differently, and those little differences can cost you an extra $32 for each additional guest.

I want to bring to your attention a potential problem when bringing guests into a Priority Pass lounge. The front desk agent who checks you in may not let you know if your guests require additional payment. This means you can be charged without knowing, as the guest fee is automatically charged to the credit card linked to the membership. To avoid unexpected charges, I encourage you to research ahead of time. Keep this in mind before inviting guests to the living room.

Here’s a list of the cards that offer Priority Pass Select membership and the guest policies each has:

The Guide To Priority Pass Lounges In Miami

The American Express (AMEX) cards on this list no longer offer a $28 credit when visiting airport restaurants like Bobby Van’s at JFK. They still include other airport experiences, such as the Minute Suites at the Charlotte Airport.

American Express allows the cardholder and two guests to enter a lounge with the Priority Pass card at no charge. For additional guests, you will have to pay $32 each.

An alternative solution to this fee is to add additional holders to your Platinum card. While it’s not cheap, $175 entitles you to three additional cardholders, each of whom receives their own Priority Pass card. This is a good solution if you often have to pay to get extra people in the halls.

Capital One Venture X Priority Pass membership provides access to the cardholder and two complimentary guests. You can also use Priority Pass at participating restaurants and receive a $28 credit for the cardholder and one guest. One of the main differences is that the Venture X card allows you to have up to four free authorized users who can each apply for their own Priority Pass card. This is useful if you are a large family or traveling with a group.

The 15 Best Priority Pass Lounges In The U.s. [2023 Guide]

The Chase Sapphire Reservation used to have a very liberal guest policy that allowed you to bring as many guests as you wanted. Apparently, some people took that as a challenge and invited everyone they saw at the airport (and you wonder why we can’t have nice things?). The new policy is similar to the Amex Platinum, where the cardholder and two guests can enter for free. Additional guests are $27.

The Citi Prestige Card offers a Priority Pass membership and allows the cardholder, two additional guests AND their immediate family (spouse, partner and children under 18). This is a great benefit if you are a traveling family with more than one child. Many Priority Pass lounges have rooms for kids, such as The Club at MCO, where they had a video game set up to play Harry Potter LEGO. Additional guests are $27.

The City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite card previously offered the most generous Priority Pass membership available. When CNB reduced the benefits of the card in 2020, the unlimited benefit of Priority Pass was one of the casualties. The current policy is that each card provides two Priority Pass memberships. However, each member offers entry to the cardholder only. Guests are charged $32 per person. You can also add an additional cardholder who will get their own card but will cost an additional $95 per year.

This card has the lowest annual fee on the list, costing only $95 per year. While the other cards offer unlimited visits to the cardholder, Priority Pass membership with the Surpass is good for ten lounge visits per year. This provides some flexibility as you can have ten solo visits, two visits with you and four guests, or just one visit with you and nine of your best friends. Additional visits will cost $32 per person.

Fun Reasons To Use Priority Pass Lounges While Traveling

The Aspire is the luxury Hilton card offered by American Express. The Priority Pass membership is identical to what you get with AMEX Platinum: access for the cardholder and two guests to lounges, but no restaurant credits. Additional guests are $32.

This card, which is no longer available to new applicants, has a very generous guest policy for Priority Pass lounges. You may bring as many people in your travel party, at the discretion of the lounge and subject to capacity limitations.

This card issued by American Express has the same rules as the other AMEX luxury cards. Access is included for the cardholder plus two guests; additional guests are $32.

The Altitude Reserve is the premium travel card issued by the U.S. Bank. However, Priority Pass membership is restrictive for a premium card as it limits the cardholder to four free visits where they are allowed to bring an additional guest. After those visits, or if you want to bring additional guests, you will be charged $27 per person.

Priority Pass Restaurant Restriction: One Visit Per 24 Hours

The card best known for being the heaviest credit card on the market provides access to Priority Pass lounges. For its annual fee of $495, according to the card’s website, the primary card member and authorized users receive unlimited visits for themselves and guests.

The two cards that offer the best guest policies are the now-defunct Ritz-Carlton Card and the hard-to-justify Annual Fee Black Card. After them, the flexibility of the Citi Prestige does

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