How To Use Ita Matrix

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ITA matrix is ​​a magical software for any air ticketing fan. Google acquired ITA back in 2010 and used its technology to upgrade the Google Flights product.

How To Use Ita Matrix

Officially, the matrix has been discontinued, but it is still available to use (for now). It has very powerful functionality that most airline websites don’t have.

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The main reason to use the matrix is ​​to price a fare code that is not available for pricing on the airline’s own website.

Well, take Virgin Atlantic for example. Their Premium Economy cabin has 4 fare codes – W, ​​S, H and K. The highest and most flexible (expensive) is W and the cheapest is K, which has no flexibility. There is also a division of tier points earned based on the fare at which your ticket is issued. W and S earn 100 tier points each way, while H and K earn only 50 tier points each way. The Virgin website defaults to offering you the lowest fare available per cabin. But if you want a higher fare code, the only way to find the price for it is to call the ticket line (and likely wait a long time) or use the ITA matrix.

Let’s say you want to price a Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy S fare, here’s how you do it.

As you can see, in my example above, the price for an S fare to Boston is a whopping £1808. Not cheap!

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Using specific fares will rarely be a cost-effective endeavor, but if you need specific fare codes for tier points or flexibility purposes – how about pricing this.

If you need help with a specific fare question on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, let us know. We like to help people with problems.

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If you’re always looking for cheap flights, you’re probably familiar with using online travel agencies (OTAs) like Google Flights, Skyscanner or Expedia. We’re big fans of those platforms at TPG because they can save you tons of money on flights.

But the most powerful tool of all is a little less well-known and much less: ITA Matrix, also powered by Google. This platform requires a little more work to score cheap flights (more on that below), but if you know how to make ITA Matrix work for you, it can pay off.

ITA Matrix is ​​a powerful tool that lets you search for flights — just remember that you can’t book flights on the platform. For that, you will need to visit the individual airline’s website. Google says each airline decides how many participate, but you’ll find many flights.

How To Use The Ita Matrix To Find Cheap Flights

Most OTAs only allow you to search for specific travel dates. For example, on Expedia you’re locked into searching for one date at a time.

ITA Matrix allows you to select options such as a day before, after, or 1-2 days up/down. That little extra flexibility will get you a ticket faster and save you money if it’s cheaper to travel on another day.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using ITA Matrix is ​​that while you can search for flights, you cannot book them through the platform. You can provide the information you find when booking a flight to a travel agent or airline, or you can try to recreate the itinerary through the airline or OTA.

There are a lot of filters, but finding flights using ITA Matrix is ​​very simple. You will check in at your departure and arrival airport just as you would through an OTA. You can search for one-way, round-trip or multi-city travel routes.

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To get the most out of ITA Matrix, you’ll probably need to use online codes. Google has a helpful FAQ sheet for understanding the code, which at first glance seems pretty complicated. I’ll do a breakdown of how to use these later, but using code you can:

In the search results you can see the number of miles and price per mile rather than the fare of your choice. On the search results page, click the Prices header and click “Show Price per Mile”. This is a great feature to use if you’re booking a mileage run where you need a certain amount of miles to earn or keep elite status.

The geo-search filter allows you to search by airport code, city or nearest airport. This feature can be useful if you live in an area served by several airports, such as New York, and you want to avoid flying out of Newark, for example.

We’ll talk more about time bars below, but this option lets you compare flights at a glance. It’s useful if you don’t want to scroll through pages and pages of flights. It’s a handy way to see how long your connections will last if you don’t fly non-stop.

Screenshot 2023 04 17 At 02 01 37 Hkg ⭢ Hnd Ita Matrix By Google

I’ll walk you through finding a flight through the ITA Matrix to illustrate how this all works. I am looking for a one-way flight from New York (JFK) to Portland (PDX) for dates in June 2021.

In the Dates section, you’ll see an option to search by specific dates or view a calendar. The calendar feature can be useful if your travel plans are flexible and you want to find the cheapest fares. If you prefer a red eye or midday flight you can search for flights at specific times.

You can then choose whether you want a non-stop flight and the currency in which you want the fare to be reduced.

We’ll talk about more advanced ways to search for flights a little later, but once you click “Search,” you’ll see a page with your results. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I want to highlight the circle indicators on the right side of the page under “Instructions”.

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The advice bar shows you features you want to avoid, such as airport changes, long layovers and potentially risky short connections.

After selecting your desired flight, you’ll see a detailed description including the flight, fare class, whether you’ll get an in-flight meal and whether there’s in-flight entertainment. Remember that the flight may change before your flight.

Finally, you will see the flight cost breakdown, fare construction (you will send this to your travel agent) and a Powertools section to book your flight through another platform. I will talk more about this below. There is also a way to email the itinerary if you want to send it to a travel agent.

As I said above, you cannot book flights directly through the program. However, you have several options for redesigning your itinerary. You can use BookWithMatrix to generate a booking link from your ITA Matrix result.

Ita Matrix Powertools

All you have to do is paste your itinerary into the box and you will see the results. Let’s say you want to fly one-way from Newark (EWR) to San Francisco (SFO). You only want to fly United Airlines, you don’t mind a connection, but you don’t want to connect in Chicago (ORD).

Once the results page is populated, you will select your preferred itinerary by selecting it. Once you do that, you select the entire page and paste it into BookWithMatrix.

You will then see the itinerary on BookWithMatrix and a link to book the flight. If you don’t want to go through all those steps, you can use ITA Matrix’s Powertools feature on the left side of the page to book directly.

You cannot search for hotels using ITA Matrix. If you’re trying to find a hotel for your trip, you’re better off using a platform like Orbitz or Priceline or booking directly through your hotel network to earn points for your stay.

Advanced Flight Search

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As with hotels, you cannot search or book taxis using ITA Matrix. You can find rental cars by booking through your preferred OTA or directly through the company of your choice. Make sure you use a credit card that offers basic car rental insurance.

You can use Matrix to search for a preferred fare class. Let’s say you want to fly from Atlanta (ATL) to Los Angeles (LAX), but you don’t want to fly economy.

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